[Show: WWE Main Event] [Location: Lafayette, Louisiana [Date: 4/8/14]

We are shown highlights of the ending of Monday night Raw between the Shield, Daniel Bryan and Triple H

Welcome to WWE Main Event, kick things off with our opening contest.

The Shield Vs. The Wyatt Family Ambrose and Rowan start things off, they stare off as the two weirdos of the group try to get in the head of each. Ambrose with a slap, but Rowan pushes him away. Ambrose with a spinning elbow drop off the top rope, then tags in Rollins, who hits a suplex for a near fall. Rowan with a head, but and Rollins with right hands. He backs Eric into the corner with right hands. He shoots off the ropes and attempts to lock in a arm submission hold which he gets. Rowan fights out and then all four men come in as the teams face off sending us to break.

-Commercial Break-

We are back and Bray hits a side suplex on Rollins. Bray hits another one to send a message. Bray tags in Rowan, who nails him with a kick to the gut. Rowan hits a suplex and then tags in Harper. Rollins fights back and sends Harper into the turnbuckle head first. Rollins gets the tag to Reigns who clears house.  Reigns hits a big clothesline followed by a splash in the corner. He tags in Ambrose, who runs into a big boot by Harper for a near fall. He tags in Bray, who hits a big splash in the corner, he taunts Ambrose while he is on the mat. He tags in Rowan and tells him to finish it. Eric hits a big power slam, he locks in a submission, Ambrose fights out. Ambrose shoots off the ropes and right into a suplex by Rowan for a near fall. Harper tagged in and they trade punches. Rowan tagged in and lands a clothesline. Rowan locks in a chin lock on Ambrose, and then throws him to the apron. Rowan with a big boot sends Ambrose to the floor.

-Commercial Break- Were are back and Harper locks in a headlock on Ambrose. This is where my Xbox 360 connection goes out and i have to switch. I pick up with Harper having Ambrose in a bear hug. Ambrose fights out and locks in a headlock. He nails a clothesline and Harper tags in Bray, who cuts him off from a tag. Ambrose nails a big boot to the face of Bray and goes to the top rope. Bray knocks him down, he goes for a suplex, but blocked. Ambrose pushes him off and hits a double ax off the top, but caught by Bray, who hits  a power slam, Things breakdown in the ring and Harper hits a dive on Reigns on the outside. Bray goes for sister Abigail, but blocked and Ambrose rolls him up for a near fall. Ambrose hits a DDT and is looking for a tag. Bray tags in Rowan and Ambrose tags in Rollins. Seth clears house and sends Rowan to the floor. He nails a dive onto Harper and one to Rowan. Back in the ring, Rollins goes for a springboard move, but distracted by Bray. He kicks him away and then hits a power slam. Harper interrupts the pin attempt, but Ambrose takes him out. Bray knocks down Ambrose and Reigns hits the superman punch on Bray. Rowan sends Reigns to the floor and turns around into a big kick by Seth. Rollins with a kick to Harper, he tags in Ambrose, who hits a dropkick. Seth hits the boot stomp and Ambrose hits the dirty deeds for the win.

Winner:The Shield in 19:16

The Shield does a promo in the ring about how it’s been a long time coming that they beat the Wyatt Family. Renae Young brings up that they turned on Triple H and joined Daniel Bryan. Dean Ambrose appears to have an injury as it is hard for him  to talk. (Selling) Reigns gets a Roman Reigns chant going within the crowd and grabs the microphone. He says that he is the guy who speared Triple H and he is standing right here. Seth says they know there will be consequences, but they are prepared for war. He says they are here to fight in the injustice and the Authority need to be brought justice. Believe in the Shield.

-Commercial Break-

Adam Rose video package is shown. He loves bunnies!

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Jack Swagger
Ziggie with a dropkick, but Swagger catches him with a knee to the gut then nails a clothesline for a near fall. Swagger locks in a headlock, but Ziggler fights out of it. Ziggie with an elbow to the face then sends him to the floor. Ziggler with a clothesline then lands...