Credit: Joseph A. Smith and PWInsider


Fenn Center

Fort Pierce, FL

14 SEP 2012

The show started about 45 minutes late due to getting everyone through the autograph line for Dusty and Cody Rhodes. There were about 800-1000 fans in attendance tonight.

One thing that I found interesting was seeing Charlotte, the daughter of Ric Flair, outside the venue helping with selling posters and programs for fans to sign. Several of us recognized her and asked her to take pics and sign autographs and she was very nice and accommodating to the fans. A very classy young woman and a tribute to her father!

The ring announcer starts the show by stating: "You have seen the Touts, you have read the Tweets and yes folks the Main Event tonight is WWE NXT Champion Seth Rollins vs Cody Rhodes!"

First match:

Jason Jordan defeated Garrett Dylan with a flying neckbreaker. Good opening bout. Both worked the crowd to build both fan support for Jordan and heel heat for Garrett Both showed some good skills. A nice opening match

Next up Kassious Ohno comes to the ring for a promo basically copying C.M. Punks Chicago Raw promo stating that he should be in the Main Event facing either Cody Rhodes or Seth Rollins. He states that since he isn't in the main event that he is taking a personal day and the fans will not have the honor of seeing him compete tonight. Before leaving the ring he states that he will be checking his Twitter to see if #RollinsvsRhodes is trending at all later tonight. (Hmm! I smell a run in during the Main Event)

Second Match:

Aiden English vs Erick Rowan

Rowan wins with a choke slam. This was a typical small guy vs big monster type of match. Some decent back and forth but not much interaction with the crowd.

Richie Steamboat then comes to the ring to promote the raffle for a CM Punk Autographed ringside chair.

Match Three:

Special Grudge Match:

Dean Ambrose vs James Bronson.

Ambrose wins via submission with a modified STF. I have no idea what the grudge was here storyline wise but this was a very entertaining match. Lots of interaction with the crowd. Some wicked bumps and some great back and forth action.

Match Four:

Tag Team:

Mike Dalton and Xavier Woods vs The Bombers.

Bombers win when a member of the team trips Dalton while he was trying to bodyslam the other Bomber while Woods thinking that Dalton was in control was pandering to the crowd.

This was a good match that showed potential for these teams should WWE ever start to take the tag division seriously again. Dalton and Woods had a lot of bromance type of heel heat going and both teams worked hard to deliver a good solid tag match.

Match Five:

CJ Parker vs Roman Reigns.

Reigns pinned Parker with a power side slam. Good solid bout between two faces. A lot of good solid wrestling so far I can honestly say that all of the talents are working hard to entertain the fans in attendance.

Match Six:

Divas Triple Threat

Audrey Marie v Emma vs Paige

This was a very solid divas match and easily better than anything that has been on Smackdown and Raw including PPV's this year. A very entertaining match with a lot of good wrestling and some very interesting three way moves executed. Emma won by pinning Audrey after she landed on her after Paige kicked out of a pinfall attempt by Emma, A very creative ending. It's sad that the WWE doesn't take the divas more seriously when ity comes to actual wrestling because these ladies would have solid futures if they did.

Match Seven:

Tag Team:

Bo Dallas and Trent vs Cory Graves and Judas Delvin??

Dallas wins the bout by Spearing Graves for the pinfall, An excellent tag match featuring many of NXT's top talents and another example of how great the tag division could be if it were taken seriously. Lots of near fall, fast paced back and forth action, hot tags and great interaction with the crowd in attendance, Second best match of the night.

Before the Main Event they gave away the CMPunk chair. Fans booed the winner! They also announced that NXT will be live in Ft Lauderdale in October with Alberto Del Rio appearing for autographs

Main Event:

WWE NXT Champion Seth Rollins vs Cody Rhodes.

Rollins enters the ring and then Cody comes out to a huge monster pop! Cody is over huge here in Fort Pierce. He tales the mic from the ring announcer and thanks her for...