Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, January 16th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Honda Center in Anaheim, California

Results by Tony Acero of 411

We pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Long live the dream.

Nickelback plays the Raw theme, and we're on the air in WWE HD! We're in Anaheim, California and Michael Cole & Jerry "The King" Lawler are at ringside. Justin Roberts introduces the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley! Tonight we get Punk/Bryan vs. Henry/Ziggler & Zack Ryder defending the US Title against Jack Swagger..maybe?

Opening Promo

Mick Foley is here tonight for two simple reasons. He would never bypass an opportunity to spend the day at Disneyland, right here in Anaheim, California! A few months ago he was content to appear in a non-physical, nostalgic role. He was happy to appear as Santa Claus on an episode on Smackdown, and was even happy to host This is Your Life, John Cena. He's had the opportunity to live out every single one of his dreams in WWE, including headlining WrestleMania, which he did right here in this very building. He's got one more dream, as he's got two more kids that were too young to see their dad in this ring. It would mean a lot to him if his kids got to see their dad in this ring one more time! He announces his intention to be one of the 30 contestants in the 2012 Royal Rumble Match!

EXCUSE ME bellows Vickie Guerrero. She tells Mick to welcome the next WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler. They head down to the ring and Dolph takes the mike. He wants to get this straight…there are 30 precious spots in the Rumble, and Foley just wants to show up and take one? He wants to shove aside some superstar that's worked all year long so he can make a fool of himself one more time? Foley responds in the affirmative. Dolph went to one of Mick's comedy shows, and if this is a skit, it's funny. But if it's not…it'll go like this…He imitates Mick's kids disappointed their dad got thrown out and ate their lunch. Mick loves that you can't predict the Rumble…who's to say that he won't draw a number in his favor, and the magic will be in the air at the Royal Rumble! He's not in it just to participate, he's more ambitious. He's not just in it to be in it. He's in the Royal Rumble to win it! Dolph thinks that's great, that's what everybody wishes for. He worked all year long to prove himself. Last week John Cena awkwardly ran away from him. He beat CM Punk two weeks in a row. He can't believe that Mick's out there, and he can't believe that when he beats Punk at the Rumble…what a letdown it would be if he was forced to defend the title against and out of shape has been glorified stuntman walking punch line that Foley is! Foley came here to make one more point…to make a fool out of himself one more time. And for once in his career, he's succeeded. Dolph tells Mick that it's over, and to go home. Buy a new shirt, eat a salad and just go away!

Cult of Personality plays and out comes CM Punk! Punk is pleased to see Mick in Anaheim, California! Dolph says they get their clothes from the same homeless person on the street. Punk points out that he & Mick are both unconventional, they don't fit into the mold of a WWE Superstar, and they don't hide behind a woman. They like to do their talking themselves. Vickie is a poor excuse for a woman. Everything they've ever achieved they've earned, unlike the guy with a pink shirt that has a guest referee in their back pocket, who spray tans, and highlights his hair. Even with that ref, at the end of the match Punk will still be the WWE Champion because he's the best wrestler in the world! He thinks it would be damn cool if he got to face Foley at WrestleMania. Vickie calls it Anorexia vs. Grossly Obese…

Big Johnny comes out to make an announcement! He is the executive vice president of talent relations and the interim general manager of Raw. He assures us he will be completely unbiased. He tells Mick he'll take his request under consideration. He's trying to do what's right in this situation…and his answer is no!

Vickie laughs at Mick and gets all up in his grill.

Air Boom is walking backstage without their tag team championships, which they lost to Epico & Primo! The rematch will be next!

Match 1: WWE Tag Team Title Match:

Champions Epico...