Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, January 23rd, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona

Results by Tony Acero of 411

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

LIVE in the home state of Phoenix, Arizona!!! And how else to start the show but with the WWE Champion, CM Punk?! So Punk gets his cross legged promo pose, so you know it's real. He says that this week we've got the Rumble and we've got Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler a self-proclaimed show off and a man who has beaten Punk three times thus far. He says, however, that Johnny Ace is a determining factor here, and he will describe this factor in one word: Failure. He was a failure of a wrestler, he is a failure at an exec and a failure as a human being. Johnny sucks at life. He has said this to his face and he did something that shocked the world. He told the truth. We get a clip of Johnny Ace saying he is going to screw CM Punk to Mick Foley then the following mic check onto Foley's head. Punk says that Ace will obviously be pretty damned biased. He says he's pretty good and screwed. Unfortunately for Johnny, Punk knows better. There is a course of action he can take that will make him very happy. He says that it's very tough to ref a match with two broken arms, soooooo, the ball is in Johnny's court. He is invited to the ring to say everything he said last week, but to Punk's face. He wants him to take the balls that are in his purse and be a man, man!

Johnny no-shows, however, so Punk says he's going to go find him....ah but the synthesized beat of John Cena's entrance music blows and just as the horn section chimes in, John Cena hisself comes out. He's got the Super-Mega-I-Wont-Be-Funny-Today Face. Punk says he gets how Cena can get confused, he didn't want John the boyscout, he wanted the man no one cares about. Cena says he was sick of hearing Punk ramble. He says that Johnny Ace will appear in minutes because he screwed over Zack Ryder last week and tonight he will give Ryder a rematch. He will also give Cena a one-on-one contest with Kane, who he will fight at the Royal Rumble. Most importantly, he will soon appear in front of the world and resign as the Interim GM. That gets nothing as well.

Punk says that this appears what the people want, everyone has spoken, but what makes Cena think that Johnny Ace is goin----ah, here he is! He introduces himself to us. Johnny says that in life, we all have our bad days. Sometimes we say and do things we could all take back. Last week, however, was not one of those days for him. He will not be intimidated. Punk says he can't hear a word Ace is saying, perhaps he should come into the ring. Ace says he doesn't work for Punk. He is Punk's boss and will not listen. Cena, Ace made a mistake last week and apologized to Zack. Fortunately, he can compete tonight. So, he can face Kane...tonight, in a Falls Count Anywhere match. If Cena gets involved, Ryder will never, EEEEEVVVVVVEEEERRRR get a rematch. Since both Punk and Cena seem to be on the same page, they're going to team up tonight against.....here comes the NEW United States Champion Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggles is on the mic, he says that Punk shouldn't be worried about Johnny Ace, he should be worried about Dolph. He doesn't need to screw Punk, because this Sunday, Dolph is going to beat Punk. Swagger on the mic and he says Cena is dead meat for last week.

Johnny Ace follows shortly after the blonde bomber and American Lisper and makes his way to the commentary table.

Match 1: John Cena and CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

Ziggler and Cena to start. Cena with a side headlock into a take down and keeps Dolph grounded for a few seconds. Both men up and Dolph sends Cena to the corner, goes for a right, but Cena ducks, hits the ropes and tosses Ziggler. Bulldog and a cover for 1...2..NO! Cena twerks the arm then calls for a tag. Punk is in with a kick to the gut then a snapmare into a kick to the back. Pin for 1..No! Punk with a suplex but Dolph floats out and kicks Punk in the gut. Some rights, but Punk lifts him up for the G2S!! Ziggler hops off and rolls out of the ring as we go to break...

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