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Wade Barrett
Stuart Alexander Bennett
  • Birthdate: 08/10/1980 (age 36)
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 246 Ib

Barrett won the first season of NXT in 2010 and...

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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, January 27th, 2014 (USA Network)

Location: The Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH

Results by Jeff Johnson

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the post Royal Rumble edition of Monday Night Raw. The show begins with stills from last night showing the attack on John Cena by the Wyatt Family after his match with Randy Orton. We are live in the arena, where we are welcomed by The Authority, Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon.

Stephanie starts by welcoming everyone to Monday Night Raw. She starts talking about how good the show was last night, but she is quickly cut off by loud "YES" chants by the crowd. Triple H asks the crowd if they didn't get what they wanted last night. He says that's too bad for the crowd. Triple H says last night was an incredible night. Randy Orton defeated John Cena, Brock Lesnar destroyed Big Show, and Batista won the Royal Rumble match. Stephanie says there is still one more stop before Mania, and that is the Elimination Chamber. Orton will defend the title in the chamber. The music of Daniel Bryan starts up, and he makes his way to the ring. The crowed explodes in "YES" chants.

Daniel Bryan asks the crowd to please stop Yesing, because The Authority doesn't like it. Loud "YES" and "DANIEL BRYAN" chants fill the arena. Bryan says last night, he had a very tough match against Bray Wyatt. He said people are talking about his match over the rumble match itself. Triple H says Bryan made a good little effort last night. Bryan says the biggest disappointment last night was him not being in the royal rumble match. Bryan says everyone wanted him in the rumble, and to listen to the crowd. Bryan says every time he asked The Authority to be in the rumble, they said no. Stephanie says that as management, they have to look out for the well being of their superstars. She says due to Bryan's recent medical history, they didn't want him to be in 2 matches. Bryan asks how many times have they made him wrestle all 3 members of the shield and all members of the family. Bryan says they don't care about protecting his help, or what's best or business. Stephanie says that isn't true, and all Bryan ever thinks about is himself. She asks if Bryan thinks everyone here only came to see him. The crowd explodes in 'YES" chants. Bryan asks the crowd if they came to see Randy Orton or Triple H? The crowd responds in a loud no. Bryan tells them to listen to the people. Loud "DANIEL BRYAN" chants now from the crowd. Bryan says he isn't here to complain about last night, but he wants to be in the chamber match. Bryan tells HHH that neither of them should leave the ring until he gets what he wants. Triple H says that it sounds good, but he has company. The music of The Shield starts up, and they make their way to the ring through the crowd. As they make their way, Bryan slides out of the ring and grabs a chair.

Reigns makes it in the ring and attacks Bryan from behind. The other 2 members get in the ring to join the attack. Sheamus' music starts up and he makes his way to the ring. The Shield gets the upper hand on him, and John Cena comes to the ring. The sides are even now and they have all paired off. All 3 members of The Shield get tossed to the outside and they retreat through the crowd as the faces celebrate in the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara are in the ring. They will be in tag team action against The Real Americans. Zeb Colter comes out with a mic in hand. Zeb says that the only men that wear masks where he comes from are criminals. Zeb tells everyone to put their hand over their hearts and say "we the people."

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. The Real Americans

Cesaro starts the match out on the offensive, but Mysterio gains control right back. Sin Cara now tags in. Cesaro gains control of Sin Cara and tags in Swagger. Swagger charges Sin Cara, but Sin Cara catches him with a head scissor. Sin Cara covers for a 2 count. Sin Cara goes or a sunset flip, but Swagger catches him. Swagger goes to the outside, but Sin Cara dives through the ropes onto him. Swagger and Colter have words, and Zeb slaps him in the face. Swagger gets back in the ring and...