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Wade Barrett
Stuart Alexander Bennett
  • Birthdate: 08/10/1980 (age 36)
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 246 Ib

Barrett won the first season of NXT in 2010 and...

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...and Del Rio gets both feet up. Del Rio connects with a clothesline and covers for a 2 count. Del Rio connects with a big right hand in the ropes. Del Rio charges at Kofi in the ropes, but Kofi moves and Del Rio lands on the outside. Kofi dives through the ropes onto Del Rio. Both men are now back in the ring. As Kofi is getting back in the ring, Del Rio catches Kofi with an enziguri. Both men are now on the outside and Del Rio tosses Kofi back first into the barricade. Both men are now back in the ring. Del Rio covers for a 2 count. Del Rio now locks in a rear chin lock. Kofi fights back to his feet but Del Rio tosses him down by his hair. Del Rio goes to the 2nd rope and connects with an ax handle. Del Rio all over Kofi with stomps to the back. Del Rio and Kofi are now fighting on the top rope. Both men fall off the top rope to the floor as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, and Del Rio is in control of Kofi Kingston. Del Rio covers for a 2 count. Del Rio now locks in a rear chin lock. Kofi fights back to his feet and connects with a jaw breaker for separation. Kofi with a sunset flip for a 2 count. Del Rio comes back with a german suplex for a close 2 count. Del Rio charges to Kofi in the corner, but Kofi catches him with an elbow. Kofi connects with a big tornado DDT and both men are now down. The ref starts the 10 count. Both men get up about the 6 count. Kofi hits double chops and a drop kick. Del Rio attacks Kofi's leg to gain control, but Kofi rolls him up for a 2 count. Kofi connects with the boom drop. Kofi calls for the trouble in paradise. He goes for it but Del Rio ducks. Kofi catches Del Rio and connects with the SOS. Kofi gets a 2 count when Del Rio grabs the middle rope to break the count. Del Rio pushes Kofi away and then connects with a tilt a whirl back breaker. Del Rio now calls for the cross arm breaker. Kofi fights out, but misses with trouble in paradise. Del Rio connects with the back stabber and covers for a close 2 count. Del Rio now goes to the top rope, but Kofi hangs him up there. Kofi goes up top with him. Del Rio fights Kofi off and hangs him on the middle rope. Del Rio comes off with a double stomp from the top rope. Del Rio connects with a kick to the jaw and covers for the 3 count.

Winner by Pinfall - Alberto Del Rio

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, the next match will be for the tag team championship. The challengers, The Brotherhood, make their way to the ring. They are followed by the WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Age Outlaws.

The Brotherhood vs. The New Age Outlaws

Road Dogg talks trash to Cody and Goldust as the match gets started, and Cody and Goldust lay in a few shots to the outlaws. Billy Gunn and Goldust will officially start this match off. Billy starts with a crotch chop and Goldust lands some quick shots. Goldust is on fire to start the match and Billy retreats to the outside. The Outlaws regroup to gain their thoughts. Billy now gets back in the ring. Road Dogg now tags into the match. The men lock up and Goldust gains control with a quick shoulder block. Road Dogg retreats in the corner to get separation. Goldust wants a test of strength, but instead lands a right hand to Road Dogg. Cody now tags in and connects with an elbow off the top. Cody now locks in a front face lock. Road Dogg fights back to his feet, but Cody connects with a clothesline. Cody covers for a 1 count. Cody now locks in a shoulder lock. Road Dogg back to his feet and eats an elbow in the corner. Cody tries to come off the top but Road Dogg retreats to the outside. Road Dogg now back in the ring. Road Dogg and Cody trade kicks to the gut and Cody gains the advantage. Cody hits a snapmare and locks in another shoulder lock. Cody lands 2 knees to the arm of Road Dogg and covers for a 1 count. Road Dogg fights back with jabs to the face of Cody, but Cody comes back with a drop kick to the face. Cody covers for a 2 count. Goldust now tags back in.