Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, October 1st, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, OK

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

- We start with a recap of Mick's awesome promo with Punk, which transitions to Punk's tirade and subsequent beat down by Cena, then his cheap assault on Foley before Ryback shows up to stare him down.

- We're LIVE in Oklahoma City with Michael Cole and Good Ol' JR

- Punk and Heyman make their way down. Punk's 316 days into his reign, and I find it odd they keep promoting it despite the fact "it doesn't mean a thing" storyline-wise with Cena, Lawler, and many more.

- Punk talks of Cena's assault last week as an act of cowardice, and says beating down Foley backstage was because he, like Cena, would be cowardly in not speaking like he did to Punk to Rock, Cena, or anyone else. He wishes Mrs. Foley would've taught her son some manners, but admits some of his words did sink in with Punk. He talks about what Foley said about his legacy and Cena's challenge and says that their match...is STILL not going to happen.

- Punk hands the mic to Heyman, who brings up his indecent proposal from last week to Raw GM AJ Lee and the slap. He brings up the edict that AJ is not to lay her hands on anyone within WWE, and that per the word of the Board of Directors, should be removed from power and replaced with...himself, Paul Heyman, someone with GM experience.

- EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero out with Dolph Ziggler. Vickie brings up AJ's assault and the fact she put Dolph's MITB briefcase on the line. Heyman pretty much tells her to stick to legal action rather than catfights. Dolph intercedes, suggesting the two team up to take over as CO-GM's. Vickie and Heyman actually seem to like this before AJ's music hits, and she skips down to the ring.

- AJ assures that the Board has put her on probation, although she feels like they should've made an exception with a greasy slimeball like Heyman. She's brings up that the WWE Board has assigned her a coach to help with her issues...and DANIEL BRYAN comes out!

- He shouts down the audience, and goes into a spiel about his broken relationship with AJ, his "awesome beard" and the fact that HE is the Tag Team Champions, which brings out Kane! The Big Red Machine brings up an important fact that everyone seems to have forgotten...AJ IS AN AWESOME KISSER! Agreed! He starts arguing with Bryan about the tag titles, and Punk and Ziggler argue again before AJ shouts them all down. She reminds the four of them that despite probation, she's still in charge, and makes a tag team main event: Team Hell No vs. CM Punk a& Dolph Ziggler. Good match, but who's the face team in that one? We'll find out later as AJ skips off and the four men continue to argue.

- Mysterio and Sin Cara walk as we have Tag Team Tourney action next!

Tag Team Tournament: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara v. Primo & Epico

Sin Cara and Epico start off with an exchange of roll-ups and arm drags before SIn Cara nails a handspring elbow for a two count. Epico knocks him down and tags in Primo, who puts the boots to Sin Cara and attempts a power move before Sin Cara counters out and tags in Mysterio, who hits an assisted headscissors with Sin Cara's help on Primo. Primo retreats to the outside, and the two luchaores fake a suicide dive as the Primetime Players approach the stage with chairs, taking a seat to watch the action as we go to commercial...

We're back as Mysterio makes a hot tag to Sin Cara, who comes in with a crossbody on Primo, following up with a dropkick and arm drags before Epico counters with a dropkick of his own and tags in Primo. Powerbomb attempt countered into a roll-up by Sin Cara. Epico tags in, whips Sin Cara, who reverses into a tilt-a-whirl DDT and makes a tag to Mysterio, and Epico tags in Primo. Rey takes down Primo with a head scissors and a crossbody, followed up with a top rope senton for two, before Epico breaks up the pinfall. Sin Cara comes in and intercepts Epico. Mysterio waylays Primo with a kick, sending him into the ropes, and Cara trips Epico into the ropes as well, for a DOUBLE 619! Sin Cara and Mysterio both go up, Sin Cara taking out Epico on the outside, while Mysterio...