Cm punk quitting wwe featured
CM Punk
Phillip Jack Brooks
  • Birthdate: 10/26/1978 (age 36)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 218 Ib

He was titled in the WWE as "the longest-reigni...

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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, October 15th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN.

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

- We start off recapping last week's fight with Vince and Punk, before Ryback and Cena come out to stop him and Vince makes his ultimatum known.

- Video plays and pyros are go as we are LIVE, and we find out that Punk's made his decision and we'll find out tonight, as Big Show comes out.

- Two weeks ago, Show was out for a debate with Sheamus that turned out to be a bad attempt at a joke to make Show look foolish. The only fool Show saw, as he demonstrates by showing last week's fight with Sheamus, was Sheamus himself, who Show feels is in over his head. Show talks about the "scientific challenge" on Smackdown and how he didn't want to embarrass Sheamus, but Sheamus asked for it and he shut him up, and says simply that he'll be champion in two weeks. He then goes on to how people have tweeted him about his "45 second" title reign and that he's sick of it and wants to erase it with one punch.

- Daniel Bryan and others watching from backstage. Bryan laments how Show hasn't gotten over it and refuses to go out there. AJ pops up, citing how Daniel though of her as "unpredictable, but quirky" and thinks Show has a great idea. Bryan tries begging Kane for help, and gets laughed off. He ends up in a shouting match with everyone on the way to the ring for his match with Big Show.

Daniel Bryan v. Big Show

Show goes after Bryan right away with body shots, a biel, and throws him out of the ring to the floor as we go to break...

We're back, as Bryan attempts a comeback, but Show locks in a bearhug. Bryan with elbows to the neck, but Show just tosses him off. Corner splash, but Bryan kicks Show's kneecap to floor him. Bryan fires up with some big kicks, followed by a BUZZSAW for 2! Bryan backs up and nails TWO corner charge dropkicks. Bryan up for another, but Show catches him and drills him with a chokeslam for three.

Winner: Big Show (No real doubt here, as Show's looking to steamroll his way to HITC, and beating the man who initially "made him look like a joke" is the best first step.

Before Show can even celebrate, Kane's out and seemingly amused by the scene before him, but Show cocks the KO Punch for Bryan and the Big Red Machine's in to protect his wayward partner and Show backs off.

We find out Punk's decision for HITC...NEXT!!!

- Back from commercial, as we're graced with Paul Heyman's presence in the ring. Heyman notes the 330th day of Punk's reign and gives an elaborate introduction to the WWE Champion. Punk describes last week as the perfect "microcosm" of how he's been treated. Whether it's Cena, Ryback, or even the fans, if you try and attack him verbally or physically, he will put you down. Vince felt like it was his turn, and Punk laments how Vince does things for Vince, and how he feels he victimized Vince so much, he won't compete ever again and everyone should thank him for that. Then he goes on about how everyone treats him on and behind the scenes, displaying the HITC poster that shows him as a "Devil." Compared to most people in the audience, he's an angel. He talks about HITC and who he will face, Ryback, who really has no business being involved, or the man he's broken down physically and verbally, John Cena. He stalls, and feels the audience is disrespecting him and decides to make a later decision, but then Vince comes out, uh oh!

- Vince was hoping Punk would've learned from last week, but he didn't, as Vince specifically said if Punk didn't make up his mind, he would, and Punk just blew it! Tonight, there will be a contract signing, and Vince will reveal right then and there who Punk will face. Heyman looks on like a sad panda, and Punk's pissed.

- A rematch from last week's physical match between Sheamus and Wade Barrett happens tonight. Please let it be No DQ...

- WWE Rewind features Alberto Del Rio bragging about being the new "Apex Predator" and getting rebuffed by Orton, leaving Ricardo to an RKO on the announcer's table.

Brodus Clay v. Alberto Del Rio

Clay shrugs off Del Rio at the beginning, powering out each time Del Rio goes for...