Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, November 12th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

- A nice tribute video to our true, blue veterans on Veterans' Day.

- Recap of Jerry's return, Vickie's scandal accusations, and the Braddox-Ryback debacle, as well as the Cena-Punk main event for tonight!

Randy Orton v. Dolph Ziggler

The new Captain's in the house! Ziggler with a shoulder block, Orton misses the clothesline, but flapjacks Ziggler. Ziggler to the apron, and Orton suplexes him back in for a two count. Whip to the corner, but Ziggler counters with an elbow, then a snap dropkick for two. Ziggler with the neckbreaker, then the Show-Off series of elbows for a near fall. Ziggler with the rear chinlock, but Orton suplexes him. Orton with the clotheslines and the powerslam. DDT follows, and Orton preps for the RKO. Del Rio out for the distraction, Orotn knocks him off, Ziggler tries for the Famouser, Orton counters and rolls him up for three!

Winner: Randy Orton

Ziggler, Del Rio, and Ricardo assault Randy, but here comes Kofi to make the save, and Teddy Long comes out on Booker T's behalf and makes...what else...a tag team match!

Randy Orton & IC Champion Kofi Kingston v. Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio

Kofi and Dolph lock up, and Kofi drops Dolph with an uppercut and dropkick as we go to commercial break...

And we're back as Del Rio puts the boots to Kofi and locks in a chinlock. Kofi counters out, but Del Rio makes the tag. Kofi counters a Ziggler necbreaker into the backslide for two. Ziggler fires back with a dropkick, but Orton breaks up the pinfall. Ziggler shows off with a handstand headlock into the bridging headlock. Back to a regular rear chinlock. Kofi fights out and dodges a corner splash by Ziggler. Tags to Orton and Del Rio. Orton with clotheslines to Del Rio and Ziggler. He counters the Cross Arm Breaker into a powerslam. Del Rio counters the DDT, but Kofi makes the blind tag and hits a cross body followed by the SOS for a close near fall as Ziggler JUST broke it up. Orton takes out Ziggler. Kofi goes for the Trouble in Paradise, Ricardo with the distraction, and Del Rio nails his step-up enziguri for the three count!

Winners: Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler

- Coming up: The return of Jerry "The King" Lawler...and Vickie has even MORE evidence to implicate AJ and John Cena next. Happy about the former, not so much about the latter. Hope there's a payoff here...

- We're back with Dolph and Vickie in the ring. Dolph defines "scandal" for us, and tells us he's here to tell the truth about Cena and AJ. He shows us the footage from the last couple weeks of AJ and Cena in the hotel. Vickie reminds everyone of AJ's threat and says she will not be threatened and claims to have evidence that AJ can't squirm out of and expects her to explain herself as she calls out the former GM. AJ comes down the ramp, no skip in her step, AJ wonders why Vickie's still doing this when she got the power she wanted. Vickie wants AJ to admit to the scandal, AJ says she won't lie just because Vickie's Vickie Guerrero. Vickie warns her that she is AJ's boss and she is very capable. Vickie demands it, and AJ admits it...that she and Cena are just friends, and nothing has ever happened between the two of them. She questions what this is really about, whether Vickie is jealous that Vince picked AJ over her for the GM spot, or the fact that AJ has physically owned Vickie the last few weeks. Vickie tells her how harder she's made it for herself, and plays a few voicemails that sound vaguely like AJ, saying how "last night was a mistake", "we can be something more", and "we should be together." AJ claims Vickie edited those and starts in on her, but Ziggler intercedes and says everything's out of the bag, and wonders which was worse for AJ: Cena's lack of response to her messages, or the nights in his hotel room. Oooooh. Cena comes out in a huff, and AJ says she can handle this, before whipping around with a slap to Ziggler, and Cena decks him shortly after. AJ and Cena look on intently as Dolph and Vickie retreat up the ramp.

- We're reminded about the Punk-Cena main event, and get a nice advert for Iraqi and Afghanistan Veterans.

- "Now or Never" by Outasight is the...