...official theme for Survivor Series.

- AJ & John backstage, pondering why Vickie and Ziggler are making her miserable. John assures her that it's something that never happened or could happen. AJ seems discouraged by that, and Cena backtracks. AJ seems content.

Non-Title Match: World Champion Big Show v. William Regal

We recap the barfight with Show, Regal, and Sheamus, as well as the tag match where Regal got knocked out by the World Champ. Show with chops and body shots to Regal to start, and another massive chop to Regal. Regal gets cornered, more body shots, and a big body slam. Show misses the elbow, and Regal with some lefts and uppercuts, but Show goozles him and drops him with the chokeslam for the emphatic three. Regal's chest looks like a shredded piece of meat.

Winner: The Big Show

- Big Show goes for the KO Punch post-match, but Sheamus out to make the Regal save and beats down the World Champion, who retreats up the ramp as Sheamus checks on Regal.

#1 Contender for the Divas Championship: Kaitlyn v. Layla

A match that ended as soon as it started, with the two exchanging roll ups, take downs, and Kaitlyn eventually hits a Reverse DDT for the three and will face Eve at Survivor Series for the Divas Championship.

Winner: Kaitlyn

- We go behind the scenes on Jerry Lawler's traumatic heart attack 9 weeks ago, as we see him rushed backstage, given CPR, and ushered into the ambulance. "The King" makes his triumphant return next...

- Michael Cole and JR in the ring. The two men feel it is a miracle that they've come to this point tonight and introduce their friend, Jerry "The King" Lawler. Lawler out to a standing ovation as he makes his way down, and he looks great. JR and Cole greet Lawler with a warm embrace. Jerry on the mic. He can't tell us how much it means to be back here, and thanks everyone. He, along with JR, felt he may never step back in a WWE ring, but here it is. He makes reference to "It's A Wonderful Life", how one man's life impacted so many others, and Jerry's lived that movie, as he's gotten so much support from everyone. He's glad to be back...then CM Punk's music hits. I'm sorry, even by kayfabe standards, this is a douchebag move by Punk.

Punk and Heyman in the ring. Punk's glad Jerry left the ring, otherwise he'd have beaten him to death. He applauds how Lawler beat death, and thinks what Lawler has done and said has been in bad taste. Lawler should have never laced up his boots against Punk. People pointed the finger at Punk for the heart attack, when the fault lies with Lawler. People talked about how long Lawler was clinically dead, but the only value anyone should talk about is 358, the number of days he's consecutively been champion. He says will beat Ryback and Cena like he's done before, and hopes Lawler won't croak before the PPV. Jerry does assure him of that, and the only thing on life support is Punk's title reign. Heyman starts to cough. Are they serious with this? Punk does "CPR" and Heyman makes a "miraculous" recovery.

- Foley out now as Cole apologizes to the audience, and I frankly want to apologize for having to write that garbage for the last few minutes. Punk wonders why Foley's even out here, since he's not part of the Survivor Series tag match anymore. Foley says he's letting the WWE fans decide the fifth member of Team Foley. Punk asks why, as not caring about the fans and their worthless opinions did wonders for him. Foley shuts him up, and tells him Lawler's death and revival has nothing to do with Punk, who's lost sight of the fact that not everything revolves around him. Punk fires back, taking aim at Foley's relevancy as far as Punk and the WWE TItle goes. Foley says it does in fact involve him as he's been made the special enforcer for the Cena-Punk main event and Punk and Heyman are not pleased in the least.

- Brad Maddox prepares for his annihalati...ahem, match against Ryback, and a huge 8-man tag team match is coming up...NEXT!

- Backstage, Punk asks Heyman to fix the Foley and Maddox situation.

8-Man Tag Team Match: Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara & Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel v. The Primetime Players & The Colons

Gabriel and Titus start out. Titus with the uppercut and the gutwrench. Young in for the double team suplex and a two count. Epico in and hits a suplex for a two count. Ricardo out with