...a note for Rosa from Del Rio. Oooh, spicy! Gabriel counters with a boot, and tags in Rey, who hits a senton, then a headscissors into the ropes on Primo. Primo counters the 619, but Rey leg flips him up and over to the floor. All 8 men scramble to the ringside area as we go to commercial...

We're back as Titus manhandles Rey on the outside. Back in the ring, Titus presses Rey, then hits a couple of nice backbreakers. Titus cinches in a bearhug. Rey gets out, but gets a big shoulderblock for his trouble. Primo in with a senton for two. Primo with the front chancery on Rey. Rey fights out and sunset flips into a Buzzsaw kick. Primo mages to make the tag to Young, who gets headscissored into the ring post. Tyson Kidd in on the hot tag with a springboard dropkick, and is all over Young, hitting a boot, then a springboard elbow. Primo comes in with a Backstabber, Gabriel takes him out with a kick, Titus biels Justin over the ropes, Rey knocks Titus off, Epico tries to stop Rey, but Cara with a kick and soars onto Epico onto the floor. Rey with a senton to Titus. In the ring, Young hits a gutbuster for two on Kidd. Young gets tripped up into the ropes by Kidd, who tags in Rey for the 619, and then Justin tags in for the 450 splash and the three!

Winners: Rey/Cara/Kidd/Gabriel

- A nice tribute to the troops and veterans in attendance tonight.

- Brad Maddox still getting ready, as Heyman approaches and wishes to talk to Maddox. This should be interesting...

- Sorry, my wireless crapped out on me, so here's a quick recap: Miz proposes that he be placed on the ballot for Foley's choice for the 5th man on his team for Survivor Series. Antonio Cesaro trash talks R-Truth, Little Jimmy, and the US. Truth then beats Tensai in a short match with the Little Jimmy and tells a knock-knock joke, "Europe! Europe who? Europe in my face!" Then we get Brad Maddox on his way to the ring for his "dream" match with Ryback...NEXT!

- We get a flashback to Maddox's promo and Mr. McMahon's offer of a million dollar contract if he can beat Ryback.

- Recap of Vickie's continued accusations against AJ, Ziggler berating AJ, and Cena coming out to flatten Ziggler after AJ slaps the taste of Dolph's mouth. We also recap Lawler's return, Punk's interruption of said return, and Foley coming out and letting Punk know he's the special enforcer for Punk's match against John Cena.

- Brad Maddox out for his match, as an ambulance can be heard near the entrance, and it can be wondered if that's Maddox's near future.

Ryback v. Brad Maddox

Maddox exits to the outside, gets back in at the seven count, and slips right back out.Maddox back in, Ryback knocks him down, Maddox with the boot, but Ryback catches him and slams him. Ryback drops Maddox on his repeatedly. Ref asks Maddox if he wants to keep going. Face first slams now, then Ryback throws him into the corner, followed by a Bulldog powerslam. Meathook sends Maddox down and out to ringside. Ryback rolls him back in, then hits a devastating triple powerbomb. Meathook, Shellshock, three count.

Winner: Ryback

Ryback continues the beat down, knocking Maddox off the stretcher, derailing him with a Meathook, then carries him into the ambulance...literally, before tossing him in and sending Maddox off to the hospital.

Sheamus v. David Otunga

Sheamus with Irish hammers and clotheslines to Otunga, and toys around with him as he holds Otunga for White Noise. He psyches up for the Brogue Kick, and NAILS Otunga with it for the three.

Winner: Sheamus

- Sheamus hopes the Big Show is watching, as he has a Brogue Kick just for him and plans to take back his World Title. We go backstage to see Show beating down Regal, and Show says THIS is what will happen this Sunday as he cocks his fist and KO's Regal as Sheamus rushes to the back.

- Josh Matthews reporting from outside the trainer's room as Regal has regained consciousness following his knockout at then hand of the Big Show.

- An advert for the Wounded Warrior Program (WoundedWarriorProject.org)

- Kane on his way to the ring, as Daniel tries to stop him and "wishes him luck" with his new tag team partner. Kane says it's not like that. Bryan says he would refuse if Foley asked him to team with someone else, and feels they need to talk to Foley about it, but Kane's already gone,