...and Bryan loses it with a big "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Methinks he's jealous.

Kane & The Miz v, The Rhodes Scholars

Miz winning by quite a margin, but Bryan's music hits right after his and jealously has reared its ugly head as he raises a confused Kane's hand as we go to break...

Kane with a suplex to Sandow for two. Miz tags in, and hits a knee lift for two. Wrist lock by Miz, then some left hands. Sit out corner clothesline on Sandow for a near fall. Kane tags in and hits a dropkick for two. Sandow makes a desperation tag to Rhodes. Kane and Miz with a double elbow on Rhodes. Miz drops Rhodes to the outside, but Bryan distracts him and Rhodes hits a Disaster Kick before tagging in Sandow. Sandow with the Elbow of Disdain, then Rhodes comes back in with boots to Miz. Tag to Sandow, who locks in a sleeper on Miz. Miz counters out with a backbreaker-neckbreaker combo. Tag to Kane and Rhodes. Cody dodges the boot, hits an uppercut, but eats a Kane boot. Clothesline in the corners, then a sidewalk slam for two. Kane nails the top-rope clothesline on Rhodes, and hits a right hand on Sandow. Bryan tries to interfere, but Miz dodges him into Rhodes, whom Miz tosses into the ring to get chokeslammed by Kane for the three count!

Winners: The Miz & Kane

- The three men argue as Bryan tries to celebrate along with Kane, who's having none of Bryan or Miz, and yes, that sounds very wrong.

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Non-Title Match: WWE Champion CM Punk v. John Cena w/Special Enforcer Mick Foley

Lock up by Punk and Cena, Shoulder block to Cena, Cena floats over, hits a hip toss, then locks in an armbar. Punk escapes to the outside and stares down Foley as we go to our last commercial break...

Punk with a sledge to Cena on the outside. Punk rolls Cena onto the apron to hit a forearm to the face. Back in the ring, Cena counters into a backslide for a near fall. Punk comes back with a take down for two. Punk cinches in a reverse neck vice. Cena powers out, but Punk locks in a sleeper and John looks to be fading, but he rallies and drives Punk into the corner. The two men exchange rights and kicks, but Cena goes into his shoulderblocks, side slam, and shuffle, but Punk counters with a roll-up for a close 2. Punk with the running high knee and bulldog, but misses the Savage elbow. Cena misses the Shuffle, Punk misses the kick, gets slammed, then Five-Knuckle Shuffle. AA is countered with a roundhouse for a near fall. Punk and Cena both try for their finishers, but Punk counters the AA into the Koji Clutch. Cena makes the ropes. Punk misses the springboard, and Cena locks in the STF. Heyman in the ring, but Foley takes him out. Punk with a roundhouse on Cena for another near fall. GTS countered into the STF. Punk nearly taps, but makes the ropes. Punk starts to retreat up the ramp, but Ryback cuts him off. Cena throws Punk back in the ring, Punk tries for the GTS, but Cena slips out and hits the AA, and gets the three on the WWE Champion!

Winner: John Cena

- Cena and Ryback have a tug of war over the title as Punk can only look on in disbelief at his predicament this Sunday.

- End show.

Credit: Ken Hill