WWE RAW Results (11/21) – Survivor Series Fallout


New WWE Champion CM Punk makes his way out to the ring and says he wants to tell everyone a story about what he wanted to be when he grew up. His teacher went around the room and got to him, and he said he wanted to be a wrestler, not a sports entertainer, and he fought all the way from the bottom to get there. Punk says the best part of it all was he walked into MSG and won the WWE Championship, and he did it all on his own terms and the title is going nowhere and it will stay with him. He says alot of people in high places don’t like him, but he is the new face of WWE and he sits on the mat and says he is going to make the title more interesting.

Punk says he wants to be an agent of change, and he is going to make things dangerous again, and mentions the ice cream bars again before saying he wants to get John Laurinaitis fired. John comes out and says they can still work together because they want what is best for the WWE Universe, and he is going to take the high road since he doesn’t understand Punk’s hatred towards him. Punk says he doesn’t want him around because eventhough Vince was a bastard, he would say things to your face but John is more like a two faced middle man. He mocks the term “WWE Universe” and says they are fans, then calls John a stooge and middle management.

John says he can be just as exciting and dynamic as Punk and he is going to prove it now by evoking Alberto Del Rio’s rematch clause in a match next week. Punk mocks the decision and asks for the match tonight, but John says he has plans for him and says he will face Dolph Ziggler in a Champion vs Champion match. Punk calls the decision stupid and says John doesn’t listen to the fans, because they want to see Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder, and John says Zack has a match with Alberto tonight. He tells Punk he nor Ryder can beat Dolph, but Punk says he will prove him wrong, then beat Alberto next week, and sometime soon someone will beat some sense into him.

Zack Ryder vs Alberto Del Rio

Alberto attacks with some punches then jumps down on Zack’s arm, then applies an elevated armbar and punches his hsoulder when Zack tries to make it to his feet. He eventually does get free and punches Alberto in the stomach then hits a flapjack and whips him into the corner. Alberto reverses but Zack gets his knees up then hits the Broski Boot, and sets up for the Rough Ryder but Alberto shoves him headfirst into the turnbuckle. He connects with an enziguiri then spins around and gets Zack to tap out to the Cross Armbreaker.

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Sheamus vs Jack Swagger (w/ Vickie Guerrero)

Swagger takes Sheamus to the mat and punches him in the back, but Sheamus gets pissed and clubs him with forearms until Swagger slides to the floor and tells the ref to call him off. Swagger hits a scoop slam on the way in, but Sheamus comes back with a slam of his own and follows it with a kick to the head. He takes it to the corner but Swagger counters and hits a Swagger Bomb, then knees Sheamus in the stomach and puts him in an underhook stretch. Sheamus feeds off the crowd and muscles out of the hold, then hits some forearm smashes and hits a corner clothesline and a powerslam for a two count. Sheamus climbs the turnbuckle and misses the Battering Ram and a Brogue Kick, and Swagger ducks it then tries to apply the ankle lock, but Sheamus kicks him away and hits a Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner – Sheamus

Kevin Nash comes out to the stage and says he watched Survivor Series and says he won a title in MSG, then a few years later a few guys put their friendship first. He says they were supposed to be friends for life, but he returned to WWE and got HHH as a boss. Nash says he and HHH should have faced Rock and Cena, but his ego got in the way so Nash broke his neck with HHH’s own sledgehammer. He says he is the real survivor of their group, and he is still standing before them all now.

Cody Rhodes vs Santino Marella

Santino applies a waistlock but Cody grabs the ropes for a break, then kicks Santino in the chest and goes for a side Russian leg sweep near the ropes. Santino holds them and Cody falls down, and Santino goes for the Cobra but counters with Cross Rhodes for the win. Cody goes to the announcer’s table after getting his title and tells Booker T he can hear everything he is saying. He takes a glass of water and throws it in Booker’s face then leaves as Booker gets up and dries off.

Winner – Cody Rhodes

Dolph Ziggler joins Josh Mathews backstage for an interview and Josh says he was the only guy in two matches, but Dolph corrects him and says he won two matches. Josh says he was pinned early on in the tag match, but Dolph says he was still on the winning team and he did something that neither Rock or Cena did last night. Dolph says he was even better than CM Punk and calls him a sorry excuse for a champion and Dolph calls himself the new face of the WWE.

Champion vs Champion

Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs CM Punk

Punk locks up with Dolph and goes into a waistlock then rolls through with a headlock takedown but Dolph counters into a headscissors on the mat. Punk gets to his feet but Dolph backs him into the corner then backs out with a hiptoss, then Punk comes off the ropes with a hiptoss and leapfrogs Dolph. They go to lock up again but Punk kicks him in the legs, then Dolph fights back with kicks of his own and they slug it out before Dolph knocks Punk to the mat and hits a jumping elbow drop for a two count.

Dolph applies a side headlock but Punk makes it to his feet so Dolph whips him off the ropes and knees him in the midsection then continues to punch him and goes for a neckbreaker. Punk counters into a backslide but Dolph kicks out and clotheslines him then Punk comes back with a side suplex only to have Vickie jump up on the apron and distract while Dolph runs back at him. They each throw a few punches then Punk whips him into the corner, but Dolph moves out of the way as Punk goes for a running knee and he falls out to the floor.

Dolph is still in control after a commercial break and has Punk in a side headlock, but Punk fights his way out and they go punch for punch before Punk connects with a leg lariat and a neckbreaker for two. Dolph gets a foot up and Punk catches him and tries for a GTS, but Dolph slides out and applies a sleeperhold and gets Punk down to the mat. He comes back and counters into a GTS attempt but Dolph rolls him up and tries to use the ropes but the ref catches him, then Punk goes for a rollup and he gets caught holding the ropes too.

Punk ducks a clothesline and tries a crescent kick, then blocks a Zig Zag attempt and hits a knee smash and bulldog out of the corner for two. Punk bodyslams him and goes to the top rope but Dolph rolls out of the way then kips up and hits a dropkick then sets Punk up on the top turnbuckle. Punk knocks him down and hits an elbow drop for a two count, then calls for a GTS but Dolph slides out and hits an inverted powerslam for another near fall. Dolph stomps him near the ropes and the ref breaks it up, and hits goes for a Zig Zag but Punk blocks it then picks him up and hits the Go To Sleep for the win.

Big Show comes out and says if they didn’t see his match last night, he proved that he was stronger and better than Mark Henry and he proved that giants can fly. He says Henry felt his grasp on the title slipping away, and he took a shortcut and kicked Show in the groin, and although he is still the World Heavyweight Champion, he got carted out. Show says he heard Henry is as tough as he is advertised and his leg may not be broken, but he tells Henry he will be waiting and he is still coming for the championship.

Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston

Wade goes for a quick cover then punches Kofi in the corner and hits a suplex, then throws him back in the corner and whips him across the ring. Kofi rebounds with a dropkick then blocks a side slam with a roll up, but Wade kicks out and clotheslines him then goes for the Wasteland. Randy Orton’s music starts to play and he comes out and distracts Wade, and he makes his way down the ramp as Wade retreats and calls him off. Wade gets Kofi in a chinlock and Kofi makes it to his feet but Wade hits a sidewalk slam for two then ties him up in the ropes. Wade backs off and hits a big boot that knocks Kofi to the apron, and Wade drags him back in but only gets a two count.

Wade continues the attack by whipping Kofi across the ring and stomping his chest, then punches him until the ref calls for a break. He drives his knee into Kofi’s back then stretches his arms and Kofi throws some high kicks to break the hold then Wade runs at him but falls to the floor. Kofi hits a suicide dive and goes up top but Wade crotches him on the turnbuckle and goes for a top rope Wasteland. Kofi shoves him to the mat and hits a crossbody then follows it with a Boom Drop and calls for Trouble In Paradise but Wade avoids it in the corner. Kofi ends up on the apron and goes for a springboard move, but Wade kicks the ropes and hits the Wasteland for the win.

Winner – Wade Barrett

John Cena comes out to boos and says it has been an interesting few days, but now everyone is getting behind Zack Ryder and CM Punk is the new champion. He says the other question was if he could coexist with the Rock, and they did get the job done and it was magical, but emotions were running high and things got out of hand. Rock asked him to get back in the ring after they won and Cena shared words with him and got hit with a Rock Bottom for opening his mouth. The fans start a ‘boots to asses’ chant and Cena says that did happen, but now they are only moving forward to Wrestlemania and Rock fired the first shot last night.

Awesome Truth interrupt him and Miz says Cena can’t admit that Rock showed him up, and the fans even started a ‘don’t tag Cena’ chant because no one wanted to see him. Truth tells him to forget about what Wrestlemania needs, because he is about to tell him what will happen, and it’s boots to Cena’s asses all over Miami. Cena gets pissed and tells them they better worry about him right now and he will kick their asses if they don’t shut up, because no one cares about them. He says no one is afraid of them and Miz just thinks Truth is a nutjob, and Truth thinks Miz is a pompous ass from a reality show, then tells them both to boo themselves and leaves the ring.

Miz and Truth have words about what Cena just said and Miz says it is Cena trying to get in their heads, but Truth has doubts as the fans start a ‘Lil Jimmy’ chant. Miz says the fans are there to see him and Truth better watch who he is talking to, then they both drop their mics and get in each others faces. Miz shoves Truth and Truth retaliates, but Miz tells him to stop and says this is what Cena wants and he is playing them. They go to leave together and get to the top of the ramp, but Miz pulls Truth back and drops him with a Skull Crushing Finale.

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