Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, November 26th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Cajundome in Lafayette, La

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

-The so-not-Impact Wrestling voiced recap of last week featuring the AJ-Cena-Dolph situation, as well as Ryback crashing Punk's celebration and getting jumped by the "NXT 3."

-No opening pyro as Ryback marches his way down to the ring.

Ryback v. Titus O'Neil w/Darren Young

Ryback shrugs off the headlock. Titus with a knee and backs Ryback into the corner, but Ryback reverses with some right hands. Titus comes back with an elbow and a clothesline, then some boots. Ryback fires back with a Thesz Press, head slams, and a faceplant. Titus to the outside by Young, but Ryback knocks them both down. Titus rolled back into the ring, but Young grabs Ryback's foot, and distracts him for Clash of the Titus, which barely gets a 1 count before Ryback sits back up. Titus tries it again, but gets slammed into Young on the apron. Spinebuster by Ryback, followed by the Meathook, the Shell-Shock, and it's academic.

Winner: Ryback

-Ryback on the mic now, and says it doesn't matter if its Punk, the NXT outsiders, or all four of them, he will get what he wants and is not leaving until he is fed. He leads the crowd in the "FEED! ME! MORE!" chant as we go to commercial...

-Back from break, and Ryback and the crowd are still chanting. Arena security out. Yeah, that's really going to work, and Lawler even acknowledges it's going to be lousy. One brave (stupid) security guard tries to escort him, but gets tossed. Vickie out now. She's trying to be understanding about his situation, but won't let him hold the show hostage. He doesn't care, and won't leave until he gets what he wants: Punk at TLC. Vickie obliges, but Ryback says he wasn't done: He wants Punk with Tables, Ladders, AND Chairs. Vickie says she will, as long as he leaves the ring. Ryback seems appeased and gives the guards a good scare before leaving.

-Backstage with 'Swoggle and Rosa. Hornswoggle makes light of his prank from last week, and says he, nor many people, want to kiss Rosa. She takes exception to that, as well as Alberto Del Rio, who says 'Swoggle only does these hijinks because no woman will take him seriously. Khali enters and makes Del Rio back off his friend. 'Swoggle gives Khali a low five. Apparently, this leads to a match between Khali and Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio v. The Great Khali

Khali with a giant chop to Del Rio. He takes Del Rio to the corner for another big chop, then one to the back. Del Rio ducks a clothesline and clips the knee of Khali, then starts working on the giant's arm. Kick to the head of Khali, then another boot for a two count. Del Rio wrenches the arm of Khali in the ropes. Enziguri to the bad arm. Khali with an elbow, big boot, and some clotheslines. Big chop by Khali. Ricardo distracts Khali, but has 'Swoggle biting him in the ass, literally. Del Rio hits double knees to the bad arm of Khali, the Cross Arm Breaker is in, and Khali taps. Rosa's one happy senorita.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

-Vickie in the back with Punk, who's absolutely aghast at having to go up against Ryback again when he's already 2-0. He and Heyman question if her head is clear with the AJ situation. She takes offense to that, and says the match was made because of Maddox and the NXT 3's involvement in Punk's title matches with Ryback. Punk denies any association with any of them, but it doesn't matter to Vickie, as she's made a match with Punk against either Kane or Daniel Bryan, decision courtesy of RawActive.

-Next up after the break, we hear from Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns about their actions from last week.

-WWE's "Slam of the Week" is Ryback's interruption of Punk's celebration and the NXT 3 making their presence known to Ryback yet again.

-Dean, Seth, and Roman sit down with Michael Cole. Ambrose insists that Cole ask a question. He asks if they're involved with Punk. They say no. He asks why they attacked Ryback. They talk about how wrestler answers to the GMs, who answer to the Board of Directors, who answer to the WWE Universe. Rollins considers it nothing more than a glorified popularity contest, and say they're doing this to make a difference, and to turn the company in the right direction. They're not the nWo, the Nexus, or any groups like those. They...