...do it for justice, and consider themselves a shield against the injustice that Ryback represents. Cole questions how it's all benefited Punk, but Rollins explains that they would've done it whether it had been Ryback, Cena, or Punk suffering the consequences. Reigns has something to say, and that's that they've said enough. Interview over. Cole believes them, but King, of course, is skeptical.

-Another Fandango promo.

Tamina Snuka v. Alicia Fox

Tamina explains that women need to know their place, and AJ needs to watch this match and learn not to put her hands on Vickie again. Tamina with clotheslines to Alicia, who responds with a inside cradle for two. Tamina quickly puts her down with a Samoan Drop, drags Alicia by the hair, and heads up for the Superfly Splash, and connects for three.

Winner: Tamina Snuka

-An advert of the WWE Superstars and Divas paying a visit overseas in the Persian Gulf with our fighting men and women.

-Cena is WALKING to the ring as Vickie has EVEN MORE surprises for the seemingly new couple...

-Cena out to his usual fanfare. We recap the big kiss between him and AJ, then Dolph's verbal beatdown of AJ, who jumped him, only to be pulled off by Cena, and a brawl would break out with Ziggler getting the upper hand, then Cena getting revenge on Smackdown. Cena says he's been here 10 years and has been grilled by some of the best, but wonders why he asked so much whether AJ's a good kisser or not. Vickie out now, and says she loves to say she told everyone so. She even got them matching His and Her bathrobes. Cena: "I don't know where that's been." Vickie wonders how it'll last anyway, given AJ's past with Bryan, Punk, and Kane. AJ herself makes her way to the ring. Vickie wonders if she'll deny it, but AJ admits she's had a lot of issues with men and is trying to make a better person of herself. She actually thanks Vickie for taking her job, as it allows her to do what she wants, like copping a feel on Cena or slapping his ass. AJ says it's a shame Vickie's the boss and can't date, since it was the only way she could ever land a man.

-Dolph out now, and he's sorry to have interrupted the hen party, but the real issue is Cena jumping Ziggler from behind when he couldn't respond to getting barreled through a bathroom door. He wonders what's going through Cena's head, and it's that even when AJ's wrapped her arms around Cena and shoving her tongue down his throat, she's thinking of Dolph. Cena gets ready to head up towards Dolph, but Vickie talks him down and makes a match between the two of them tonight.

-We find out that Sheamus will face US Champion Antonio Cesaro in a big non-title match tonight. That's going to be REAL physical.

-Robert Griffin III receiving a special WWE Championship for his four touchdowns over the weekend.

Non-Title Match: IC Champion Kofi Kingston v. Tensai

Wade Barrett at ringside commentary. Tensai catches Kofi on the springboard, Kofi ducks a couple of clotheslines, and gets dropped with a clothesline. Drops Kofi for a two count. Elbows to Kofi's arm and neck, then Tensai applies an armbar. Kofi comes off the top with a Superman punch, dropkick, lariat, then the Boom Drop. Tensai blocks the TIP, then stops the slingshot kick and drops Kofi HARD with an elbow for two. Kofi dodges the Vader Bomb. Tensai reaches outside for Kofi and gets the Trouble In Paradise. Kofi with a springboard crossbody for the three.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

-Wade Barrett enters the ring, and mockingly hands the IC Title to Kofi.

-Bryan and Kane backstage. Bryan claims to be popular all over the US and the world, and shows "empirical voting data" which supposedly proves no one has voted for Kane, except maybe in Hell. Kane says he can arrange a trip for Daniel to find out for himself. Josh Matthews interrupts and shows the actual voting results, which shows Kane winning with 59% of the vote. "RED RULES!" Matthews informs Bryan he still has a match, for the first time on Raw, against Rey Mysterio! His music hits and Bryan rushes to the ring...

WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan v. Rey Mysterio

Bryan with an arm drag, then preens to the crowd. Lock up, and Bryan with another take-down. Rey with a pair of kicks and an arm wrench. Bryan counters out, Mysterio floats under him on the run-by and monkey flips him. Rey misses the senton to the outside, and Bryan with a