Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, November 28th, 2011 (USA Network)

Location: The Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, SC

Results by Tony Acero of 411

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We start the show right away with Rowdy Roddy Piper!! He comes out in full kilt and unbuttoned white shirt, topped with a lovely black button up...ok His fashion statement screams "Old Loony" and I love it! In the ring, we've got two stools and some microphones. Roddy gets a nice welcome from the crowd. Roddy has a question: how does a guy that has never won the WWE Championship, that was never the strongest or biggest become a Hall of Famer and one of the biggest icons in the history of the WWE Universe? Answer: ENERGY! He blames us. He's not kidding, it's us and the energy that we give him. WE made him feel good, so he did good things. When we booed him, we made him feel bad...so he did bad things. Fact is though, it's our energy that makes him go to work. Tonight, we have a man in the building that is not sure if our energy is important so he is here to find out. Ladies and Gents, Mr. John Cena.

Cena and Piper introduce each other and The Pit. Cena questions Piper's question in regards to the energy of the fans not being important. Piper wants to give an example. He asks the fans first to play word association. He is going to say a name and they respond. Stone Cold Steve Austin: CHEERS!!! Bret "The Hitman" Hart: CHEERS!!! The Rock: CHEERS (some lil boos). John Cena: Divided, of course. Although, the crowd eventually starts a Cena chant which means the crowd is quite pro-Cena. Cena says he sees what Piper is triyng to do. Piper says what he's trying to do is help Cena. Ah, there's the boos. Piper says that when all the people were yelling to The Rock to rock bottom Cena, and he did, the crowd came unglued. Cena says, he knows, he was there. The crowd starts a Boots to Asses chant. Cena knows what Piper is doing, but this isn't the first time something like this has happened. Cena knows that there is a group of people who know who he is and what he stands for and he is loyal to them. He also knows that you can't please everyone. There are people that want to tell him to go to hell. THAT is what makes the WWE energy that Piper is talking about. The fans can do what they want.

Piper says no, Cena can do what he wants and the fans will allow him to. What Cena is doing is not caring. Piper says Cena is the face of the WWE and the booing is getting louder and louder and louder and Cena is losing it. Cena is losing it. You know what's going to happen? If Cena don't suck it up and start telling the people what Cena think, then Cena will be the loser of the biggest Wrestlemania in history. Cena says Piper is going a little overboard. Let's go back to Mania 22 when everyone loved him. Or how about the Hall of Fame show when the audience loved him then. Or, ECW One Night Stand...they totally LOVED HIM! Piper tries to shut him up, but Cena says that Survivor Series was just excited and New York was just being New York. The Rock had a great night...one...great...night! They show some kids in the crowd doing the You Cant See Me thing and Cena says that's what he's doing it for. He sees kids, Armed Services and various others having the time of their lives. Cena wants Piper to read the shirt Cena is wearing. THIS is why the boos will never get to him and this is why he can walk into Mania and if they like him, great, and if they hate him, whatever. The point is, he can beat The Rock at Mania. That's energy.

Piper knows this. He's come a long way to have Cena in Piper's Pit and this is why. He's watched Cena's career and he's proud of him. It was HIS generation that passed the torch to Cena and Cena rose the bar. Piper knows that every day Cena is stepping up to the plate and taking on all comers. Every day he's saying hi to the armed forces and little kids, but how much energy can he tap into because he's seen it all and done it all. He hands Cena the hall of fame ring and calls him a future hall of famer. If Cena doesn't get it right with the people,...