Aj lee
AJ Lee
April Jeanette Mendez
  • Birthdate: 3/19/1987 (age 29)
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 115 Ib

AJ Lee is a self-professed "nerd", as she loves...

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...Rio. He covers for only a 1 count. Del Rio locks in another rear chin lock. Sin Cara back to his feet, but Del Rio connects with a headbutt. Sin Cara hits the ropes and connects with a head scissor. Big kick to the head in the corner by Sin Cara. Sin Cara goes up top and hits a top rope headbutt. Sin Cara jumps off the middle rope and connects with a cross body for a 2 count. Big German suplex by Del Rio for a 2 count. Del Rio all over Sin Cara with short headbutts. Del Rio calls for the cross arm breaker. Sin Cara fights out of it. He goes up to and Del Rio misses with the enziguri. Sin Cara comes off the top with a swanton bomb for the 3 count. Sin Cara gets the upset.

Winner by Pinfall - Sin Cara

The announcers show a clip from the past where Randy Orton gave John Cena's father a punt to the head. They will have a contract signing later on in the evening.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, Renee Young is backstage with John Cena. John Cena says to think of the importance of being the undisputed champion. He says people like Ric Flair held the World Championship, and people like Hulk Hogan have held the WWE Championship. He says the WWE Universe deserves 1 champion, and it means everything to him.

We go to The Shield in the back. Ambrose says CM Punk can't beat him 1 on 1, and the other 2 say the same thing. Ambrose says that Punk doesn't stand a chance. Believe in The Shield.

Goldust and Cody Rhodes make their way to the ring. They will tag with The Big Show against all 3 members of The Shield.

-Commercial Break-

The Rhodes Brothers and The Big Show vs. The Shield

The Big Show and Dean Ambrose will start the match off. Ambrose goes behind, but Show throws him over and locks in a headlock. Show backs Ambrose into the corner and hits a big chop. Ambrose gets whipped chest first into the opposite corner. Big Show lifts up Ambrose's shirt and connects with a huge chop!! He lifts his shirt up again and connects with another huge chop. Ambrose retreats to his corner and tags in Rollins. Rollins with kicks to the leg of Show. Show charges in and hits a big shoulder block. Show with a scoop slam to Rollins. Big Show drops a big elbow and covers for a 2 count. Show tosses Rollins into The Shield's corner so he can tag in Reigns. The men go face to face in the middle of the ring. Show with a kick and club to the back of Reigns. Big Show exposes Reign's chest and connects with a huge chop to him. Reigns tries to chop back, but Big Show shrugs them off and connects with another. Reigns tags in Ambrose. Ambrose goes up top but gets tossed off by Show. Show tags in Goldust. Goldust with a shot to the kidneys. Goldust with a snapmare and drops a knee on Ambrose's arm. Goldust tags in Cody. Cody comes off the top with a shot to the gut. Cody with a knee to the face of Ambrose for a 2 count. Ambrose fights back up and tags in Rollins. Rollins comes in and eats a hip toss. Cody lifts up Rollins and stalls him. He drops him face first and gets a 2 count. Cody tags in Goldust. Goldust hits a shoulder block then drops an elbow to the back of the head for a 2 count. Goldust locks in a shoulder lock. Goldust tags Cody back in. Cody with an elbow to the back of the head. Rollins its the corner and comes out into a back body drop. Cody covers for a 2 count. Rollins fights back and backs Cody into The Shield's corner. Rollins tags in Ambrose. Cody fights out and tosses Ambrose into the ring. Cody goes up top and connects with a moonsault. He covers for a 2 count. Ambrose bails to the outside, and throws Cody's arm into the ring post. Ambrose with a cover for a 2 count as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, and Rollins is in control of Cody Rhodes. Cody fights back up and hits a jaw breaker. Rollins comes off the ropes and hits a drop kick. Ambrose tags in and lands some big stomps. Ambrose tags in Reigns. Reigns locks in another shoulder lock. Cody fights to his feet. He goes for the disaster kick, but Reigns lands a big clothesline. Big stomp by Reigns and he tags in Rollins. Rollins