Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, December 2nd, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Greensboro Coliseum Arena in Greensboro, Nc

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

-Raw begins!...shortly

-Recap of the Sheamus/Big Show confrontation and the Dolph/Cena/AJ debacle, and a MAJOR tag match with Sheamus and Cena going up against Show and Ziggler. We also see the Shield's third beatdown of Ryback, with Punk once again looking down at his TLC opponent.

-Kane and Bryan out for a match, and we see The Shield hanging out above the stands. Kane calls them out on their brand of "justice", but they don't budge as the Prime Time Players make their entrance.

Non-Title Match: Team Hell No (c) v. The Prime Time Players

Titus and Kane square off. Titus with the shoulder blocks, but Kane rebounds with right hands to him and Darren. Titus thrown to the outside. Kane has a staredown with Ambrose as Titus comes back in. Tag to both Young and Bryan. Bryan with kicks to Young, and a tag to Kane, who hits a basement dropkick for a two count. Kane wears out Young in the corner, then goes to work on his arm. Tag to Bryan, who comes down on on Young's shoulder. Kick to the back of Young gets two. Reigns looks on from midway up in the stands. Kane misses an elbow, and Young with boots to the midsection, followed by a knee lift. Titus in with forearms to Kane, then tags in Young for some more shots. Kane comes back, tosses out Young, and tags in Bryan, who hits his knee off the apron. The Shield slowly make their way down to ringside, at least Ambrose and Reigns anyway, as we go to commercial...

Titus with a big clothesline to Kane for a near fall. Rear chinlock on Kane, who quickly fights out. Suplex attempt countered by Kane, who hits one of his own. Tag to Bryan. Clothesline to Titus, then a corner dropkick for a near fall. Titus blocks a roll-up, tag to Young, who hits a clothesline on Bryan. Young drops a pair of legs for a two count. Back suplex countered into the No! Lock, Titus breaks it up, and Kane disposes of him. Ambrose and Reigns have reached the ringside barricade. Young rolls up Bryan, but Bryan reverses for the three count.

Winners: Team Hell No

-Ambrose and Reigns jump the barricade and beat down Kane, trapping his arm in the steps and kicking them repeatedly. Meanwhile, Rollins jumps Bryan, who tries to fight back, but Reigns in with the clothesline, and then a triple powerbomb to Bryan as they vanish back into the crowd.

-Sheamus and Cena in the back as Sheamus thanks him for coming to Smackdown to help him out, and starts making comparisons to Irish greats at light-speed and Cena cuts him off. Sheamus apologizes, and

promises that the beat down they give Ziggler and Show can be read in any language.

-AJ's in action next!

AJ Lee v. Tamina Snuka

I think AJ's looks just a little (i.e. A LOT) better in polka dots than Dusty Rhodes. Anyway, AJ all over Tamina, who shrugs her off into the corner. AJ with boots, but gets arm dragged off the top. Boots to AJ's head and back. Cover for a two count. Tamina props AJ on the top rope, then locks her in over-the-shoulder backbreaker. AJ counters out, hits some kicks, but gets a hard elbow to the face. Tamina covers for two. Samoan drop and AJ looks to be out. Tamina takes her time positioning AJ for the Superfly Splash, and AJ rolls her up as soon as her back is turned for three!

Winner: AJ Lee

-As Cole and King discuss Ryback's unusual silence since last week, Punk and Heyman out now to the ring, and we will apparently hear from the WWE Champion following the break.

-Commercial Break-

-Back from commercial, Heyman mentions his children reading the WWE Encyclopedia earlier today. He doesn't want to shill it, rather he complains that not enough mention is made of CM Punk. He makes mention of Punk's 379th day as WWE Champions and says that as of Midnight tomorrow, Punk will have surpassed Cena as the longest reigning modern-day champion in the last 25 years. Heyman says they should be no further argument of Punk's place in history. Punk on the mic, and he says, despite all this, he's still unfairly persecuted and says he ranks above all the others. He calls the audience classless for not giving him the respect he deserves. He says he's beaten Ryback and Cena in the last...