Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, December 24th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

-We are LIVE (sort of) on Christmas Eve for Monday Night Raw, as SANTA CLAUS makes his merry way out on stage to wish us a Merry Christmas and give gifts to all the good boys and girls in the audience tonight. As he does, Alberto Del Rio (pre-face turn)'s music hits, and as Ricardo makes his way out to announce, Del Rio HITS Santa! Uh oh, Al's never getting off the naughty list now...paramedics make their way out to help Santa as the audience riles on Del Rio with "You killed Santa" chants! St. Nick gives everyone the thumbs up to let us know he is alright as we go to break.

~Commercial Break~

-Back from the break as we recap the "crime scene" of Del Rio hitting Santa Claus. The Divas and Superstars in the back are outside the Trainer's Room as Booker comes out and says "Santa's down" and the show must go on. Del Rio comes along and everyone is up in arms over him hitting St. Nick. Booker says Claus's last words were that Del Rio would be in a "Miracle on 34th Street Fight" against...John Cena! Booker asks Cena to do it for Santa. "Santa" chants abound, and Cena agrees with a "SANTAAAAAA!" It's on!

WWE Tag Team Champion Kane v. Cody Rhodes

We recap WWE Main Event a month ago where Cody took a nasty bump on the shoulder that almost ended his career. Kane starts out with a press slam and some uppercuts in the corner. Cody with a kick to the knee, some punches, then a wristlock. Kane pushes him over the ropes, but Cody hangs him up, then rams the shoulder into the ring post. Dropkick to the jaw gets a two count for Cody. Kane fights back, but Cody wrenches his shoulder in the ropes. Cody with rights to Kane in the corner, but gets pushed out of the corner. Cody kicks him into the ropes and wrenches the bad shoulder some more. Kane fires back with an uppercut, but Cody counters the suplex, and locks in a short arm scissors. Kane down for a two count, but goozles Cody, who fights out, but gets a boot, pair of clotheslines, then a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Top rope clothesline connects! Goozle countered again with shots to the bad shoulder, Cody slips out of a powerslam, and connects with the Disaster Kick! Cody looks to ram Kane into the exposed turnbuckle, but Kane reverses! Chokeslam, three count!

Winner: Kane

~Commercial Break~

Santa's Helper 8-Diva Tag Match: Layla & Natalya & Kaitlyn & Alicia v. Eve Torres & Aksana & Rosa Mendes & Tamina Snuka

Natalya and Aksana start out. Natalya with a corner float over and a clothesline. Alicia in, and she and Natalya hit a over-under double team clothesline on Aksana. Aksana recovers and tags in Tamina, who beats down Alicia in her corner. Layla makes the tag to Alicia and lays it in to Tamina, and does a little jig before Tamina comes back with a shot to the gut. Layla counters in the corner, but Tamina with a corner takedown and a Samoan drop. Rosa tags in for a two count, then stretches Layla out with a modified camel clutch. Eve in with a kick to Layla and a lax cover for two. Layla manages to make the tag to Kaitlyn, who clothesline Eve and hits a big powerslam. Rosa breaks up the pinfall, and all the divas in to hit their finishers on one another. It ends with Kaitlyn hitting her gutbuster on Eve and for the second week in a row, Kaitlyn pins the Divas Champ!

Winners: Kaitlyn, Layla, Natalya & Alicia Fox

-Big Show and Sheamus renew their rivalry in a "Lumber-Jack Frost" match...oh, HAHAHA, I get it! We also get an update on Kris Kringle after his rundown at the hands of Del Rio.

~Commercial Break~

-Dolph and AJ resting by the fire, enjoying her favorite "Christmas movie", that is, Ziggler beating Cena at TLC with help from AJ. Dolph says all anyone needs during the holidays is some "TLC", and he and AJ laugh over how Cena didn't see it coming.

-We again recap the "horrible incident" with Del Rio hitting Santa, and then we go to Matt Striker at Santa's bedside, who gives us...no real update on his condition, other than the beeping heart monitor. Yeah, they're really going the whole nine yards with this thing, aren't they?

-The Lumber...