..."Jack-Frosts" are out and about now, including Tensai with a hilariously undersized Santa hat on his chrome dome, as the Big Show-Sheamus feud continues NEXT!

~Commercial Break~

Non-Title Lumber Jack-Frost Match: World Champion Big Show v. Sheamus

The two behemoths lock up, with Show powering Sheamus down. Lock up again, and Sheamus pushes Show to the ropes. Show asks for a test of strength, but Sheamus says "Nuh-uh!" and stomps the foot of the giant. Show comes back with a clubbing blow, then a monster chop to the chest. Show misses a corner charge, Sheamus hangs him up, then hits his Ten Shots to Show from the outside. Battering ram connects! Sheamus sets for the Brogue Kick, but Show ducks out to the outside. No one's eager to push the giant back in as Sheamus and Show stare each other down going into commercial...

~Commercial Break~

Sheamus with boots to Show, but Show with the big shoulder to Sheamus. We see Sheamus fighting off lumberjacks during the break. Show sings "Rudolph" while wrenching Sheamus's arm, but Sheamus grabs his "big red nose" to break the hold! Sheamus tries for a slam, but Show falls on him for a near fall. Sheamus thrown to the outside, and a brawl ensues! Sheamus back in the ring with Show, who puts the boots to him. Sheamus comes back with shoulders, but Show comes right back with a big vertical suplex. Show presses Sheamus in the ropes, and Tensai with a cheap shot.

Show chops Sheamus twice in the corner. Show up for some punches, but Sheamus counters with a HUGE Electric Chair drop! Both men up before the ten count, slugging each other with right hands. Sheamus fires up, but Show with the goozle and Chokeslam, which only gets two! Show upset with the ref. Headbutt to Sheamus, but the Irishman comes back, then Show drops the (Yule) HOG LOG for a near fall! Haven't seen that in a while. Show picks up Sheamus, cinches in a bear hug. Sheamus fights out with some stiff forearms, ducks the clothesline, and takes Show off his feet! Shoulders to the gut, but Show with a giant clothesline for another near fall. GIANT ELBOW gets yet another near fall, and Show is beside himself. He goes for the Vader Bomb, but Sheamus rolls out. Sheamus with a HUGE White Noise, which get a close near fall! Show catches the Brogue Kick, and Sheamus is tossed to the outside and another lumberjack brawl ensues. Sheamus rolled back in, Show preps the KO Punch, Sheamus ducks, BROGUE KICK! THREE COUNT!

Winner: Sheamus

-The heel lumberjacks ambush Sheamus post-match, but he and the face lumberjacks clear the ring and celebrate.

-We recap MizTV on "Tribute to the Troops" with Kermit and Miss Piggy. Miz pressures Kermit to admit his feeling to Miss Piggy, Piggy and Miz grill Kermit to marry her, Sandow "saves" us from any more of this "porcine provocateur", and Miz defends Piggy's honor by laying out Sandow. Yes, that all happened, and it was HILARIOUS!

-Later tonight, Alberto Del Rio...John Cena...Miracle on 34th Street Fight!

~Commercial Break~

-We're back with "Mr. Harvard" himself David Otunga in the ring. He feels only he is qualified to pass judgment on the Santa Claus-Del Rio situation. He feels Del Rio is the victim, and Santa is a "jolly geriatric." Zack Ryder out now to stop all that noise with a "WOO WOO WOO!"

Zack Ryder v. David Otunga

Zack fires up early with clotheslines, but Otunga with a knock down and some big clotheslines in the corner, followed by a slam for two. Zack fights out of a chinlock, but takes a back elbow to the face. Otunga with a trifecta of short arm clotheslines to Zack for a near fall. Zack surprises with a roll-up for two, but Otunga with a big shoulder tackle for a near fall. Otunga cinches in a rear chin lock. Crowd behind Ryder. Otunga with clubbing blows, but Zack counters with a facebuster. Double knees by Ryder, then a missle-toe drop kick. Forearm in the corner, then BROSKI BOOT gets a near fall. Rough Ryder countered, Otunga misses the corner charge, ROUGH RYDER! Three count!

Winner: Zack Ryder

-Booker and Teddy laugh at Otunga's loss from Booker's office. Brad Maddox in to suck up to Booker, who says he already gave Maddox a shot, but is in the "Xmas mood" and gives him a chance by having him face one of Santa's "elves" tonight...your guess is as good as mine on that one.

~Commercial Break~

IC Champion Kofi Kingston & The Miz v. US Champion Antonio Cesaro & Wade Barrett

Cesaro with the waist-lock,