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Del Rio has Cena down after Ricardo distracted him. Del Rio opens another present, and he's not a happy camper as Ricardo gave him...A BEAR! Del Rio "surprises" Cena, but the bear glances off him, and Cena says "Are you serious? A bear?" Del Rio with a kick and punches Cena down the ramp, but Cena slams him into the barricade. "USE THE TREE! USE THE TREE!" Cena uses the tree! Cena opens up one more gift: A BOWLING BALL! Cena lines up, and OOOH, gets the Del Rio 7-10 split! Now, Cena has a fire extinguisher. Del Rio begs off, but Cena gives him "a white christmas" with the extinguisher. Ricardo with the sleeper. SANTA'S BACK! Ricardo's happy, but gets sacked by Santa! SANTA SOCKO to Del Rio! AA by Cena! Three count!

Winner: John Cena

-Cena and "St. Mick" celebrate post-match as King and Cole sign off, wishing us happy holidays.

-End of show.

Credit: Ken Hill