Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, December 31st, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Verizon Wireless Center in Washington, D.C.

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

- The intro video, but no pyro as we IMMEDIATELY kick off with MIZTV! On the final Raw of 2012, it is indeed must-see because it's "Champion's Choice" night, meaning all champions (except CM Punk) can choose who they defend against. Speaking of champions, he introduces the 10-time champion, John Cena!

- Cena thanks Miz and wishes everyone a merry X-Mas and happy holidays. Miz points out how last time it seemed like he and AJ would ride off into the sunset, and now she's pushed him to the curb like he was pushed off the ladder. Cena says it's over, but Miz finds it hard to believe, as Ziggler and AJ invited him to their "New Year's Bash." Cena says he did RSVP, and hopes to drop someone, but here come the Rhodes Scholars.

- Sandow quotes T.S. Eliot and degrades Cena and Miz, but Cena cuts him off with a quote from "Robert Griffin the Third." And I quote, "You guys suck." Sandow has never heard of him and doesn't care. Cena agrees, and says there's a "bigger concern, one that's growing out of control", saying all this while he leans in very closely to "CODY'S MUSTACHE!" Cody shirks away and Damien mocks Miz and Cena's fall from main eventing Wrestlemania into the shadow of Rhodes Scholars. Cena talks with Miz about putting their differences aside to take on Rhodes and Sandow, and Miz agrees! All four down to the ring and here comes a ref!

The Miz & John Cena v. The Rhodes Scholars

Cena and Cody start off, but Cody loses the upper hand and Miz tags in to a shot on Cody's arm. Cody tags out to Sandow, who ends up being flapjacked by Miz as we go to commerical...

~Commercial Break~

Cena with a fisherman suplex to Sandow, followed by a headlock. Sandow fights out, but gets back-dropped. Miz in with a kick to the gut of Sandow. Damien fights back and puts Miz in his corner. Cody in with boots to Miz, who reverses the whip and kicks COdy in the head. Miz to the corner for some punches, delivers one off the ropes to Sandow, then to Cody for a two count. Miz telegraphs a back drop and gets a drop-down uppercut, shades of Dustin, from Cody. Sandow in with some boots to Miz for a two count, then the Cubito Aequet. Cody back in with a rear chinlock. Miz fights out, but Cody with the Holly shot on the ropes. Sandow in for a two count. Miz inside cradles Sandow for a two count, but Sandow drags him back to his corner. Cody tags in. Knee to the gut, then a gourdbuster suplex for a near fall for Rhodes. Chickenwing by Cody, Miz fights out, but gets dropped on the back of his head. Sandow in with a boot, snapmare, clubbing blows, then an axe handle before tagging in Cody. Rhodes gets tossed by Miz on a bulldog attempt, and both men are down. Cena with the hot tag, five moves of doom to Sandow, but Cody with the disaster kick, but Miz with the Skull-Crashing Finale. Sandow misses Miz, Cena hoists him for an AA, hits it! Three count!

Winners: John Cena & The Miz

-The New Year's Party is in full swing backstage, as Otunga kisses up to Vickie before leaving. Dolph in with his usual smug smirk, thanks her for the invitation, and asks that "auld acquaintances be forgot." Vickie sarcastically forgives him, wishes the best for him and his little girlfriend AJ, and puts him in a match with Sheamus to end 2012. Dolph looks less than pleased.

~Commercial Break~

-Back at the party, Vickie's with the Prime Time Players. Punk and Heyman arrive. Punk complains about what he put himself through, and Vickie agrees. Punks says he's even been accused that's the injury is fake and plans on proving the WWE Universe wrong by bringing a Chicago doctor to explain things to us. Vickie asks him who he would've defended against, and Punk says Ryback, who Vickie feels should be in action, and with NO help whatsoever from Punk and Heyman, makes a 3-on-1 handicap match between Ryback and the Shield. Punk gives her a kiss, but Heyman just shuffles off awkwardly.

-Antonio Cesaro in the ring with a typical anti-US promo in our Nation's Capital, and makes plans to face someone who supposed embodies everything about the US, SGT. SLAUGHTER! AT ATTENTION, MAGGOTS!