...(c) v. Sgt. Slaughter

The two men exchange clubbing blows and headlocks, Slaughter no-sells a kick off the ropes, and "nearly" gets the win with the Cobra Clutch, but Cesaro finds the ropes, hits a Very European Uppercut and the Neutralizer for the three count. Post-match, Cesaro hit Slaughter with one more Neutralizer as a message to the Great Khali this Wednesday.

Winner and STILL US Champion: Antonio Cesaro

-We hear about Dolph and AJ's New Year's Toast, featuring JOHN CENA! What could possibly go wrong?

-In the back with Team Hell No, who wanted the Shield as their tag team opponents, but hear the 3MB "practicing" and decide that "YES!" they will be their opponents.

-Ricardo at the party getting some drinks, Big Show approaches him menacingly and lets him know that he picked Ricardo for "Champion's Choice". Ricardo drops his drink in horror, on Show's boots, and Show stares him down hard, promising he'll need all the luck he can get.

-Kaitlyn brings in Mae Young as a guest to meet all the Divas. Eve in with her cheesy smile, says she's beaten every Diva there...except for Mae, and gets the "great" idea to make a match for the Divas Title against her, and Mae accepts! Oh boy...

~Commercial Break~

WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Team Hell No (c) v. 3MB (Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater w/Jinder Mahal)

Slater with an arm drag to Bryan. Bryan with the shoulder block and a crisp takedown of Slater. Bryan hangs ten with Slater in the surfboard, makes the tag to Kane while holding Slater and Kane hits a basement dropkick for two. McIntyre tags in, gets knocked down by Kane, followed by an uppercut. Bryan tags in, and a double team whip into a dropkick. Good tandem offense by the tag champs. McIntyre fights back with a clothesline. Bryan reverses the whip, but Slater holds the ropes open and Bryan falls to the outside, where Mahal with a vicious knee to Bryan behind the ref's back. Slater rolls him in for a two count. Slate follows up with a running neckbreaker for another two count. Rear chinlock by Slater, Bryan fights out, and the two hit clotheslines on each other. Drew in, can't stop the tag, and Kane is in with bodyslams, legdrops, clotheslines, and then a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Kane up top with the clothesline, and connects. Slater in and quickly thrown out. Mahal taken out by Bryan. Kane with the chokeslam to McIntyre, tag to Bryan, who goes up for the flying headbutt, and connects! Three count!

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No

-Bryan tries to play a little "air ukelele", but Kane's having none of it as he leaves.

-Punk and Heyman in the back with the Chicago doctor as Punk's "update" of his injury is next!

~Commercial Break~

-We recap the Miz/Cena versus Rhodes Scholars match, as well as the title defenses up to this point and the upcoming ones as well.

-Punk out now with Heyman and his "personal physician." We go to 4 weeks ago, where Ryback laid waste to Punk, laying him to waste with the Shell-Shock, followed by a TLC assault, tearing Punk's meniscus. Heyman introduces Punk as only he can. Punk talks about all the names he's beaten over the year of 2012, and dares anyone to take on the schedule he has. He's endured every injury that's come his way and says he's a man and a champion's champion, a fighting one at that. He perseveres and stands tall through all the disrespect he's gotten, even those questioning his injury. Punk asks us to show him respect. The doctor shows us the difference between a healthy knee and one with a "swollen meniscus." Punk says despite this, he can beat Ryback in any state. The doctor objects, despite Punk claiming he said he could compete. They argue, and..."NO CHANCE IN HELL!"

-Here comes Vince with his famous "power strut." He wishes us a Happy New Year. He wonders how Punk plans to weasel out of his match with Ryback. Heyman objects to that, and claims Punk has never done anything of the sort. Vince plans to have WWE official examine him next week and determine if he is capable to defend against Ryback. He doesn't discredit Punk as an athlete, but questions the involvement of the Shield and Brad Maddox in his matches and promises the investigations will continue. Heyman lauds Punk as a hero and questions Vince's scruples in the same city his own father promoted, calling him a "flesh-peddling promoter." Oooh, that ticked Vince off. He says as much, saying that if Punk isn't cleared to