...the ramp, and winks to an enraged Big Show, as we recap the various title situations and preview the IC Championship match; speaking of which, Kofi comes to the ring as that match with Barrett...IS NEXT!

~Commercial Break~

INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: Kofi Kingston (c) v. Wade Barrett

Lock up, Barrett with a knee. Kofi reverses a whip with a kick to the gut, and locks in a headlock. Wade with a shoulder block, but Kofi with the float over and the elbow for two. Front headlock by Kofi, but Barrett takes him to the corner and cinches in an arm lock. Kofi flips out of it, goes for Trouble In Paradise, but Barrett holds the ropes to avoid it. They lock up again, Kofi with the headlock. Barrett blocks a monkey flip to the ropes, but both men end up tumbling to the outside as we go to commercial...

~Commercial Break~

Barrett with a thrust kick to Kofi's midsection, followed up by a pumphandle drop for a near fall. Barrett drives his knee into Kofi, then traps him in the ropes for more knees. Kofi dodges the boot, kicks Barrett to the outside. Kofi springboards onto Barrett from the ropes and rolls him into the ring for a two count. Barrett counters the SOS for a near fall. Barrett gets stiffed with an elbow and gets SOS'ed for another near fall. Kofi jumps into the corner for his punches, but Barrett with the powerbomb for yet another two count. Wasteland connects, but that only gets two as well. Barrett laying into Kofi, the ref backs him off, and Kofi hits the slingshot kick. He misses the cross body, though, and Barrett hits the Bullhammer! Three count! New champion!

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Wade Barrett

-From a new IC Champion to...Mae Young in labor. Yeahhhhh.

~Commercial Break~

-And now we recap the "horror" of Santa being hit by Del Rio "last week". Why? If you're trying to turn this guy face, why show this again?

-Santino and Zack join in the "miracle" of Mae Young birthing the New Year's Baby. Team Hell No joins in as well. We hear a comedic "pry and pop" noise, and (figures) it's Hornswoggle in a freakin' diaper. Jerry Lawler with the line of the night: "Having watched that...I regret the doctors in Canada saving my life."

~Commercial Break~

3-on-1 Handicap Match: The Shield (Reigns, Rollins & Ambrose) v. Ryback

The match doesn't even start before The Shield is assaulting Ryback on his way to the ring. Ryback fights back against Ambrose, but the rest of the Shield beat him down. Sheamus comes to Ryback's aid, but he's put down as well. The beat-down continues...then "VOICES IN MY HEAD!" Orton down now to even the odds, and Ryback presses out Rollins and RKO to Ambrose to send the Shield packing!

Winner: No Contest

-AJ and Dolph in the back, gussying up for their "New Year's Toast", featuring, once again, JOHN CENA!

~Commercial Break~

-Dolph, AJ, and Langston in the ring now for the "New Year's Toast." Dolph toasts us for doing the "smart" thing in voting Cena the "Superstar of the Year", remarking what a "great" year Cena's had. He shows, on the Titantron, Cena losing the match "he could not lose" to The Rock. Then, we see Brock Lesnar's return and F-5, laying out Cena. He says that's not so bad, but losing to John Laurinaitis at "Over the Limit"? That was bad. Ziggler then shows Cena cashing in his MITB shot and being the first person to cash in and lose, thanks to the Big Show. He wants to cut Cena some slack, because it's always about what you've done lately. AJ answers for him, and we see her knocking Cena off the ladder at TLC, allowing Ziggler to retain his MITB briefcase. Cena had the worst year of his life, and the WWE Universe voted him "Superstar of the Year." AJ: "And people say I have the mental issues." Ziggler paraphrases Cena, saying Cena's time is done, and Ziggler's time is now. He asks Langston to watch out for Cena, who is now UN-invited. AJ toasts a "real man and the man she loves" Dolph Ziggler, and they have their game of tonsil hockey until Cena crashes the party.

-Cena admits 2012 was not a banner year for him, but rather for Dolph and AJ. He even agrees that 2013 will be great...for AJ. Dolph's the 6th man for her, and 6 is always the charm. He then shows some ridiculous doctored photos of the couple's "wedding clothes" and AJ's numerous "children." He then gets serious, says he's been here ten years, and took his