...lumps. He had one bad season, but that doesn't mean he should be written off. Dolph's been here seven years, and all Cena's ever heard is Dolph complaining, saying the administration has held him down and he just needs a push, and whenever there's a screw up, OF COURSE it isn't his fault. Dolph knocks on Cena's shirt and says he's a loser in 2012, and while Dolph is champion in 2013, Cena will still be a loser. Cena admitted this wasn't his best year, that's why didn't accept the award, and he probably will be buried in his ball cap and jean shorts, but the reason he hasn't changed his outfit in 10 years is because his resolve hasn't waned either, and that's why he's entering the Royal Rumble and will go through everyone to be champion again. Dolph's been a caddy, a cheerleader, blond, brunette, blond again, and went from a large girlfriend to a tiny girlfriend. Dolph needs to look DEEP in the mirror to find out what kind of man he is, since the only nuts he has are ones he finds in the concession stands. BURN! Cena gives a "mock" toast to Dolph and AJ and praises them for what they are full of, and HOLY SH*T! No, really, Dolph and AJ get slopped with port-a-potty leftovers as John Cena signs off on 2012 and wishes us all a Happy New Year.

-End Show

-HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! We wish you happy holidays and a rocking 2013!

Credit: Ken Hill