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CM Punk
Phillip Jack Brooks
  • Birthdate: 10/26/1978 (age 36)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 218 Ib

He was titled in the WWE as "the longest-reigni...

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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, February 18th, 2013 (USA Network)

Location: The Cajundome in Lafayette, LA.

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We go to last night at the Elimination Chamber, where Alberto Del Rio surprised everyone with a submission win over the Big Show, Jack Swagger became the #1 Contender to much shock, and the Rock "regained" his no one's surprise.

No pyro, as Cena starts us out, all smiles, as his road to Wrestlemania is seemingly clear, with the Rock and the WWE Championship waiting at the end.

Cena feels the Road to Wrestlemania is heating up. A year ago, WM 29 being hosted by New York and New Jersey was just a sign with two cities. Now, a year later, Wrestlemania is taking shape, with Jack Swagger challenging Alberto Del Rio for the World Championship, and Cena trying his hand one more time against the Rock...

The FORMER WWE Champion CM Punk out now with Paul Heyman, and he looks stewed as Lawler actually admits that Punk had Rock beat on a couple of occasions, if not for an absent ref. Punk asks if John's really planning on wrestling the Rock; Punk sees it as the easy way out, but it doesn't surprise him when it comes to Cena. Punk admits the Rock beat him straight up...besides the fact he had Rock pinned for an 18-count and the Rock struck an official and should have been DQ'ed on the spot.

Cena laughs it off as Punk being bitter that for once, it's not about him. Punk says it is about him because for 434 days, he made the WWE Championship mean something. To him, Cena didn't earn the shot; he tossed a couple of ham-and-eggers from the 25-spot. He earned nothing, not to mention he's never beaten Rock, or Punk himself. Cena asks what the point of all this is, and what Punk expects him to do. Punk just wants him to go awa, leave the WWE, and leave the title shot to someone like Punk, who deserves it. Cena applauds Punk for his honesty, and admits Punk has bested him, and that there are critics like Punk who say he can't win the big one. However, he won't just pass up a golden ticket to Wrestlemania. Punk can earn it, however, if he accepts the following: JOHN CENA VS. CM PUNK! If Cena wins, Punk crawls back into the hole he came out of. If Punk wins, Cena gives him the Wrestlemania shot against the Rock. Punk confers with Heyman, and says Cena made the stupidest decision of his life. He accepts...but not here; Punk does things on his terms, and wants the match next week. As he walks off, Cena says he plans on proving Punk and the critics wrong, and that come Wrestlemania, THE CHAMP IS HERE!

~Commercial Break~

Lawler and Cole review the shocking victory of the Shield over "The Sword" last night.

We go to Matt Striker and Sheamus, who is aghast over the loss last night, but feels there is a critical weakness within the Shield...but Ryback's pacing agitates the Irishman, who tells him he wasn't the only one who lost last night, and they need to re-adapt and overcome. He questions if Ryback isn't just some neanderthal, and that gets Ryback up in Sheamus's face. Chris Jericho breaks the two up rather physically and tells them that everyone is on edge because of the Shield. He's seen this with the NWO and Nexus, and won't let it happen here. He's been here since 1999 and doesn't plan on going anywhere else. Vickie brought him back because of what he brings to Raw, and she knows what Ryback and Sheamus bring to the show. If they unite, The Shield don't stand a chance, and it will truly be RAW...IS...JERICHO! He asks if they're in, Sheamus says yes, as does Ryback. Jericho heads off with a smile, and Ryback..."FEED! ME! SHIELD!"

Mark Henry vs. Sin Cara

Methinks this won't be ending well for Cara. Henry pretty much pancakes Cara from the beginning, and shoves him into the corner. Cara gets a boot up, then goes to the apron and hits his vaulting kick, but Henry catches the repeat, drills him with a powerslam. He drags Cara up, and World's Strongest Slam finishes it.

Winner: Mark Henry

Time: 1:30

Henry goes to smother Cara with his large hands, but now Great Khali is out and marches down to stop Henry, who tosses Cara to the side, then...backs out of the ring. Khali stares him down as Henry mocks the Punjabi giant, dancing a funny little jig. $20 someone makes a...