Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, February 25th, 2013 (USA Network)

Location: The American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We go back to January 28, where Heyman was on the cusp of being fired, until the storm known as Brock Lesnar came through Raw and left Mr. McMahon broken in the ring.

We also recap Punk claiming Cena just get it done on the big stage anymore, and Cena's willing to put his title shot on the line to shut up Punk and prove to everyone that...THE CHAMP...IS...HERE!

We start off big with DA CHAIRMAN, Mr. McMahon, who's coming to ring on crutches, only 3 weeks removed from total hip replacement surgery. He seems ready for his "fight", the favor he requested of Heyman for the stipulation Paul asked for at Elimination Chamber.

Vince says that regardless of his condition, he plans on this "fight" and asks for the "Ultimate Fighter" Paul Heyman.

Heyman out in a unflattering track suit. He brings up the "one-legged man in an asskicking contest" scenario. He compares Vince's chances to that of Tony Romo and the Cowboys. He sees Vince in his suit, and requests a Executive decision, something he's always wanted to tell Vince...before spearing him and taking one of his crutches. He cracks it over Vince's bad hip. He winds up one more, but Vince catches it! He cracks Heyman over the head. Down goes Heyman! He winds up...HERE COMES THE PAIN!

Brock Lesnar marches down the ramp, and Vince is stuck in the ring. Lesnar slowly approaches him like a predator...TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! The crowd is going crazy! Is he...IT'S HHH! Here he comes, and Lesnar's waiting for him! Lesnar charges the Game, and here we go! Triple H with a Thesz press. Lesnar drives him into the barricade, but Trips bashes him into the ring post! Lesnar's busted open BIG TIME. Hunter clothesline Lesnar over the barricade, but Lesnar catches him coming in and drops HH on the announce table. Lesnar grabs a crutch, but decides on a steel chair...HHH with the spinebuster! Chair shot to Lesnar! He retreats, a bloody mess as the Game stands tall!

Cena and Punk face off for Cena's title shot, and Del Rio and Swagger face off on MizTV! Meanwhile, Ryback is in action next! FEED! HIM! JOBBERS!

~Commercial Break~

We recap HHH's big return and the renewal of his war with Brock Lesnar.

Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Big E. Langston & AJ Lee

Dolph shurgs off a lock-up. Ryback shrugs off a waistlock by Ziggler, and just drops Dolph on his face. Big biel out of the corner. Dolph hits a shot to Ryback's knee and snaps off a dropkick for one before Ryback powers out. Front face lock by Ziggler, but Ryback just powers out. Ziggler tries a jumping DDT on a run-by but Ryback just drills him to the mat with a modified buster. Ziggler's rammed into the turnbuckle. He gets a boot up on the next go-around, but Ryback catches him and drills him into the turnbuckle for an Oklahoma stampede. I may have been a little prophetic with that "JOBBER" line, Ziggler's getting whooped here. Ryback seems ready to deliver the Meathook, but Dolph rolls to the outside for a breather, and we go to a break.

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Ryback with Ziggler in an impressive stalling vertical suplex for what seems like a full minute or more. he finally drops Ziggler, who rolls to the outside. Dolph rolls back, tries to catch Ryback with a boot, but he gets shoved hard, and Langston DROPS Ryback hard behind the ref's back. Dolph rolls him back in, but only gets a one count. Dropkick to the head, and again only a 1 for Ziggler. Dolph with another headlock, but Ryback throws him off. Ziggler dodges a charge, Ryback rams into the ring post, and Ziggler with a BIG DDT for a near fall. Dolph jumps into the sleeper hold, but Ryback hits a nice piggyback Stunner to break it! Dolph charges Ryback, but he gets PANCAKED! Wow. Speaking of pancakes, Ziggler gets flapjacked. AJ tries to distract, but Big E.'s knocked off the apron. Zig Zag attempt is blocked, Ryback DRILLS Dolph with the spinebuster, and AJ can only look on as Dolph is SHELL-SHOCKED! Three count!

Hate it when I'm right about a match. Ziggler got outright squashed for 10+ minutes.

Winner: Ryback

Time: 11:10

We get a preview of the upcoming WWE Film "The Call" featuring Halle Berry and WWE's own David Otunga. And we see him in there as much as we see Wade Barrett...