Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, February 27th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Oregon

Results by Tony Acero

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We start the show with the Super Serious Cena promo from last week and in case you didn't know, John Cena is ready. Like super ready. And we're starting with a doozy here as we're getting CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan right out the gate!

Ooooo, but before this match gets started, Chris Jericho's music hits and he has something to say! He makes his way quickly down the ramp and scowls as sharply as his jacket. Jericho knows that there's a big match, but what he has to say is more important. He would like to preface it by saying that he thinks Punk is one of his favorite performers, but he's not as good at Jericho and he knows it. He never had to call himself the best, other people said it for him. He never had to write it on the back of a t-shirt, it would be on the back of the signs. He is part of a special breed of performers. He is one of a dying breed of performers that toured the world honing their craft, learning their skills and becoming stars before ever getting to the WWE...hmmmmm. A breed that cared more about performance than the hierarchy of power. A breed that was given nothing and took everything. He's got a bad attitude and a bad reputation, but he didn't give a damn because he knew he was good and he knew he was the best. Now, Punk is just like Jericho. A maverick, a rebel that went against the grain. Something more than anyone though that he would. In translation, it's because Punk just wants to be Jericho.

Punk stops him, he says everyone is aware of how good Jericho is. The issue Punk has is him coming out here and accusing Punk is stealing his gimmick. Punk brings up Bret Hart who claimed to be the best. Did Jericho invent that? Did he invent Canada? Jericho calls it typical and smarmy, never serious. Punk needs to take Jericho serious, because this is a whole different level from anything. This isn't some kind of gimmick, he is the best in the world and has proven it for the past 22 years. He says his matches will live long after he is gone. Punk says that Jericho keeps saying that, his words scream superiority but the inflection in his voice shows inferiority. Who is he trying to prove that he's the best to; the people? Punk? Or himself? It seems Jericho is jealous. Punk came from the same place, the same obstacles, but now he has surpassed everything Jericho has done, didn't he? Sure, Jericho beat Rock and Stone Cold in the same night 10 years ago, but he was never "The Man" like how CM Punk is the Man. He says that is Jericho's fault, and only Jericho's fault. CM Punk claims he is the best WRESTLER. The distinction is very simple, he was born this way, this is who he is and what he does. While Jericho chooses to leave to write books and be on game shows and be a Rock Star. All the while, I'm here, on top, swimming with sharks, while you're dancing with stars!

Jericho says that all the while he was doing this superstar shit, all he could think of was CM Punk ripping him off. All of those Jan. 2 vignettes and the flashy jacket, it's all window dressing because he came back for one reason and one reason only. To embarrass you on the biggest stage in the world and to shove down Punk's throat that HE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD AT WHAT HE DOES. Punk says, that's all you had to say then. Punk says that they don't need the pyro or the inflatable letters and screw your stupid light bright jacket!!!! The only thing that they need is him and Jericho in a ring and on April 1st, we're going to find out exactly who the best in the world is. He tells Jericho that when he sees Punk celebrating, it won't be the end of THE world, it's just going to be the end of Jericho's. Cue Bryan's music. AJ!!!!!

It appears that Teddy Long and Santino were at the announce booth the entire time. Johnny Ace and David Otunga join them as AJ stands ringside, wondering what I'm wearing...jeans, AJ. Jeans.

Match 1: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan

Before Bryan's music ends, he attacks Punk from behind and starts with some uppercuts. Punk turns it around with...