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CM Punk
Phillip Jack Brooks
  • Birthdate: 10/26/1978 (age 36)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 218 Ib

He was titled in the WWE as "the longest-reigni...

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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, February 4th, 2013 (USA Network)

Location: The Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA.

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We recap Cena's "difficult" decision, his, as well as Sheamus and Ryback's beatdown at the hands of the Shield, and the "shocker" of Paul Heyman lying through his teeth about The Shield and Brad Maddox and the REAL shocker of Brock Lesnar storming the ring and F-5'ing Mr. McMahon.

The Road to Wrestlemania runs through Atlanta TONIGHT!

No pyro as the former WWE Champion CM Punk makes his way to the ring in a huff. He pulls in Justin Roberts and forces him to announce Punk as the true "People's Champion." He asks us if he overreacted, and while the crowd says "Yes", Punk disagrees, as no one can imagine what it wa slike to lose what he had. He didn't overreact, he reacted as well as anyone would who had been screwed over like he did. Punk bring up the video that supposedly implicates him and Paul Heyman, while it was obviously clear that Punk himself that wasn't in the video, and asks a couple of fans and Michael Cole, who grudgingly admit he wasn't there.

Punk says he finds this hard to be the gospel truth considering Vince put it on his titantron on his show. Vince can doctor anything, hire anyone to play anyone, because he has the money and he is vindictive enough to do it. He says it is karma that Vince got F-5'd by Brock Lesnar and had his hip broken. He dares anyone to tell him that Vince didn't deserve it, and soon "karma" will reach the Rock in two short weeks. The REAL Champion is right here, in his "442nd day" as the true champion.

Booker T comes out. He screws up his lines a bit, but informs us that Vickie has put him and the fans in charge of Punk's fate. He brings up three of Punk's latest Wrestlemania opponents for Punk to face tonight: Rey Mysterio (WM 26), Randy Orton (WM 27), and Chris Jericho (WM 28). Jericho's name gets some big pops and chants. Booker ends it with a classic "Can you dig that, SUCKAAAAA!"

We get a little advert about how to use the WWE App to vote for CM Punk's opponent tonight.

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No Title Match: Ryback vs. US Champion Antonio Cesaro

This rivalry stems from WWE Main Event, where Cesaro has been counted out against Ryback on two straight occasions, the second time on purpose when Ryback simply got the best of Cesaro.

Ryback fights out of a waistlock and hip tosses Cesaro, followed by a leg drop for two. Ryback brings him to the corner and beats him down. he sets for the Meathook, but Cesaro ducks out. Ryback chases him back in, but Cesaro lays the boots to him. European uppercut countered by Ryback, then a Thesz press into a few head slams. He picks up Cesaro, who surprises him with an uppercut as we go to break...

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Ryback with a couple of knockdowns to Cesaro, who tries to ditch yet again, but Ryback catches him leaving. Cesaro tossed back into the ring, but hangs up Ryback on the ropes, and trips him onto the apron head first. He drives Ryback into the ring post, then into the steel steps hard. Ryback down and out, and the ref counts. He JUST makes it back in before the 10 count. Cesaro with another uppercut, but Ryback with a big back body drop, then a spinebuster. He hits a Meathook, but Cesaro yet again makes for the crowd, and Ryback throws him back in. Cesaro with a boot that staggers Ryback, but the next one Ryback counters with big powerbomb, another Meathook connects, then FINISH! IT! Shell-Shock! Three count!

Winner: Ryback

Time: 9:48

We recap Cena's decision to face the WWE Champion and the Shield ambushing him, then taking down Sheamus and Ryback individually as well. We get an deep introspective of The Shield...NEXT!

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Chilli from TLC in the house tonight!

Rey Mysterio pleads his case to face Punk tonight, brings up their history, and knows Punk's weaknesses. He's been where Punk has been as WWE Champion, and promises to bring it to him tonight.

We flashback to Survivor Series, where the Shield first made their impact, then took their fight of "justice" to Sheamus, Ryback, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, and others. "BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!"

Cena watches this from Vickie's office, and Vickie brings up the rumor that he plans to confront The Shield in the...