Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, February 6th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, OK

Results by Tony Acero of 411

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We are LIVE in HD in Oklahoma City, and immediately are informed that there will be a Six Pack Challenge which will decide the sixth person involved in the RAW EC Match! Also, Daniel Bryan will go one on on with The Big Show, and that is our first match. But first, El Juego!!!

Triple H's music hits and he comes out in his suit and tie. His light green tie goes well with the green theme of the entrance. Triple H soaks up a chant then says that he'd like to discuss last week and what he was out there to do. He was out there last week to fire Johnny Ace. He wasn't out here to wish him well, rather he wanted to wish him well in his future endeavors. He wanted to make this point clear, however. He claims that the man is a backstabbing, lying, conniving, manipulative weasle. Basically, an ass kisser...and those are his good qualities. He really doesn't have anything redeeming about him in any way, and hopefully the board will see that. It appears that Johnny Ace went to the Board directly and plea bargain for a stay of execution. Triple H is to be on hold on the decision until further notice. He drops it as if it's not important to move on to something that is "very" important. The Undertaker had not been seen since he was carried from Wrestlemania. Last week, the undertaker's gong hit and he walked down that ramp and I'm not ashamed to tell you that after 20 years in this business, there's nobody else that I still get that feeling for. He says he stands in the ring with Taker and he stands before him, truly humbled. Monday Night reminded him of last year when Taker came out and without saying a word, pointed to the Mania sign. He wanted the rematch of rematches. Triple H looked into the eyes of the dead man and for the first time ever, there was no rush up his spine. There was no butterflies, no awe, nothing. He wasn't humbled. He looked The Undertaker in the eyes and he felt...sorry. He felt bad. OOOO, them's fightin words. He knows that what he did to The Undertaker last year and he chooses to remember The Undertaker in a different light. This is how: (TO THE TRON!)

WE get a quick video package of The Undertaker kickin some ass at Mania, highlighting a majority of his Mania matches. Triple H says that THAT (the video) is the Deadman and how he chooses to remember The Undertaker. What he doesn't want to remember is last year's match where Taker was laid out in the ring afterwards and had to be carried out. Well, Trips, not many people want to remember the match either, so don't feel too bad. Trips says that no one will ever compare to Taker, his legacy will never be matched. Deadman, for that reason, you challenge me to Wrestlemania? Out of respect, with all my heart, I say no. He continues to say that what he did to Taker was something that has never been done. He knows what he would have to do if they wrestled again, he would have to finish it. Taker knows that, too. Triple H then considers that maybe The Undertaker wants HHH to put an end to it. He quotes the necronomican then says that even The Undertaker has limits. He will not be the guy to push Taker past those limits. He respects Taker too much for that. THIS is over.

Triple H's music hits then cuts off rather quickly. Trips looks around as the lights go out and the crowd goes nutso. Up on the screen is Taker sitting in a chair watching last year's Mania. He says it's not over. The video on the screen is grainy an looks like an older film. They recap what Triple H said the RAW after Mania. My victory over you means nothing. Give me what is mine. Vengeance.And I will give you one more chance at immortality. This is not over. Triple H is left staring as we go to break.

Match 1: The Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan (w/ AJ)

AJ actually comes in shortly after Bryan and Bryan goes to get her, telling her she will be safe. Well that doesn't seem very smart at all...Show goes on the attack but Bryan grabs the ropes to break any possible hold. Show ain't havin it and sends him to...