Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, March 12th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio

Results by Tony Acero

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Live Commercial Break Look In!

We get a live look in from the Land of the Cleve! John Cena rap and The Rock has a concert...tonight!

Jerry Lawler Center Ring

Michael Cole hypes up WrestleMania 28, and the 18,000+ fans in attendance. Lawler hypes tonight's Rock & Rap Concert for later tonight, in the shadows of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. King decides to kick things off old school…

John Cena Brings It Old School

John Cena enters the arena to a chorus of boos in full Doctor of Thuganomics gear, with "Word Life" echoing throughout the arena. Throwback jersey, hat backwards, chain around his neck—the whole thing. He claims Rock wanted him to write his song, and is like Lebron James—took his talents to South Beach. Didn't take long for the penis joke. He says both Rock & Dwayne are jack-offs, and that finally gets a reaction. Cena references the "bitch titties" surgery—he went there. He even talks about plastic surgery to the Divas, and mentions the Cleveland Steamer! PG, much? MIAMI FRIED CHICKEN SHIT! He said it. he says he's going to beat Rock's ass at WrestleMania, and put his nuts dead in his face. Wow.

Personal Entertianment Factor: 5/6

By the way, I don't do star ratings. I rate the match or in-ring promo on a scale of 1-6. It's my PEF: Personal Entertainment Factor. And that one damn near killed it.


Vickie screams, and unfortunately I missed what she said should be illegal. She wants everyone to see this man: Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler and Vickie make their way to the ring as Michael Cole hypes WWE InterAction, found at www.com/social. Ziggler's opponent makes his way to the ring, and it doesn't look good for Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Sheamus

The Great White gets a white hot reaction, and we get no commercial before the match. Cole mentions that Ziggler's a former World Champion! Posturing to start, and Ziggler goes behind and attacks. Sheamus with a kick to the get, and a headlock. Sheamus gets two. Lawler gets a dig in on Vickie as Sheamus continues to work the headlock. Ziggler breaks free, punches and charges, but Sheamus sends him down hard! Sheamus drapes Ziggler over the ropes for the chest clubs, but Ziggler escapes to the floor.

[Commercial Break.]

We return at the 5:00 mark and Sheamus is in full control. He locks in a modified arm bar as Ziggler works his way back-up. Irish (literally) whip by ziggler, but Sheamus sends him down. Sheamus reverses a hip toss and sends Dolph to the floor! Ziggler goes under the ring as Sheamus heads outside, and Dolph cuts Sheamus off! #SheamusToAnnounceTable! Charles "Lil' Naitch" Robinson starts the count as Ziggler makes into the ring. Sheamus has a huge welt on his back. Ziggler lays the boots to Sheamus, and is making a match of this. Neck breaker by Ziggler gets one. Ziggler locks in a laying sleeper as we throw it to Josh Matthews in a luxury box with Daniel Bryan and AJ. AJ FEARS BUGGY!

Matthews asks Daniel Bryan about his treatment of AJ, and AJ says it's all good. Bryan cuts the interview off short, and says they love each other. Back in the ring, Sheamus breaks out of the modified sleeper, and clubs Ziggler down time after time. Twisting powerslam from the big man gets a near fall. Vickie yells on the outside as Sheamus calls for the finish. Ziggler escapes the Celtic Cross, but ends up on his back anyway. Another near fall for Sheamus and we're putting Ziggler over on commentary. Ziggler with a crucifix for two! Nicely done. Sheamus pulls Ziggler up and nails a few rights. Fame Asser gets two for Ziggler! The crowd is alive with that near fall. Vickie thought it was a slow count, and I have to agree.

The crowd gets behind Sheamus as he lands a Broque Kick out of nowhere for three!

Winner: Sheamus in 11:56 via pinfall with the Broque Kick, 4/6

We get replays of the finish, and this was a good match, if a little bit slow. Despite Sheamus's role at WrestleMania, Ziggler still looked strong.

Cole confirms the GM vs. GM match at WrestleMania 28 while hyping the new WWE.com. Team Long vs. Team Laurinaitis is now "officially official."

[Commercial Break.]

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