Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, March 19th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA

Results by Tony Acero

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We start the show with our WWE Champion, CM PUNK! He doesn't look very happy, as we get a clip from last week where Jericho dropped the bomb on Punk, calling his pops a drunkard. Is it true? I call Shenanigans but let's find out!! CM Punk lets us know right off the bat that Chris Jericho is not here tonight. At the end of the day, him not being here is a gift because Chris Jericho really pissed Punk off. Last week, he said that Punk's father...Punk pauses. He finishes with Jericho said that his father was an alcoholic. He said that his best friends know this, but it's not Chris Jericho's story to tell, it's none of his business. It's not so much that he said it, it's that Jericho said it in front of the entire world. He was exposed. He sees everyone, little kids, grown ups, families, and there's not one person that hasn't been negatively affected by the disease of alcoholism. He's not going to let Jericho's words mess up some kids dreams of being great. Jericho is doing this all to get in Punk's head? All for an advantage at Mania? Jericho wants to play headgames and that Punk is predisposed to drink? Well that just goes to show that Jericho doesn't know Punk at all, and if there's a devil in his DNA, it's now Jericho's problem. If there's a monster inside of him, he's letting it out. He refuses to let his past dictate his future. There's not one person that should let a pass nightmare cloud their future dreams. Jericho forgot to tell us the finish. His father has worked extremely hard and has overcome his addictions, he has beat his demons. He doesn't want you to know the fact, and that fact is that CM Punk's father is Jeff Hardy! he is proud of his father! It is tattooed on his skin for a reason. He's proud of his father and Jericho, you are nothing but an obstacle. He can easily dig a hole and crawl under, but he's letting Jericho know right now that he is going straight through him to prove once and for all that he is the best in the world!

Ah, Jericho is here via satellite! He wants Punk to hear him out. He didn't think it was right to be there tonight, because he wants Punk to really listen to what he's got to say. He says that Punk was right, he was out of line and he's sorry. This is Chris talking right now. This isn't "Jericho," no fancy jacket, no bravado. He should have never brought this up and he's sorry. He apologizes and hopes he accepts. He can promise that he'll never bring up his father on this show again. However....your sister....that's a whole other ball game. He found out all about his sister's substance abuse problem. It's well documented that his sister has a drug addiction. Jericho is sure that Punk is proud of her and loves her, but there's a pattern here. Punk's father is an alcoholic, and his sister is a drug addict...Punk is going to end up just like them. The good news is, this can be overcome. The bad news is, when Jericho beats Punk at Wrestlemaania, that's something that he'll never overcome....ever.

CM Punk drops the F bomb. He calls him a piece of shit and says he's going to beat it out of him.

Before the next match can start, Cody Rhodes comes down, and it looks like he'll be joining the booth, but not before a nice little video package of The Big Show's embarrassing moments. This doesn't just cover Mania, as we get a nice little package showing the many moments in Show's career that could be deemed embarrassing.

Match 1: Kane vs. The Big Show

Lock up to start and Show powers Kane to the corner. He hits some rights to the guty and whips him in the corner. Goes for a splash, but Kane puts the boot up. On the outside, Cody is shadowboxing, with gloves on. haha Back in the ring, Show ihts a spear then goes up top. Cody gets on the ropes to distract and Show pushes him away. Here's Kane to hit a chokeslam from turnbuckle to mat and pins for 1...2....3

Winner: Kane (*)

Well, that was all done to lead up to what followed, so I won't be too bothered by it.Better than a 20 minute match from these two, I suppose.

Cody slides in...