Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, April 16th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The O2 Arena in London, England

Results by Tony Acero

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

BOOM goes the dynamite, and we're across the pond for this week's edition of RAW! (Unless, of course, you're already across the pond...then nevermind). We're starting right away with the WWE Championship Match and if it's anything like two weeks ago, we're in for a treat. Cole says it's been nearly a year since the Championship has changed hands on RAW...remember when that number was like 5 years or somethin? Henry is already in the ring, by the way.

Match 1: WWE Championship

No Disqualification

CM Punk vs. Mark Henry

Punk feels Henry out with some leg kicks. A lockup allows henry to send Punk to the corner then he hits a headbutt to the chest. Henry with a hard forearm to the back of Punk. Punk stumbles to the opposite corner then tries for a kick. Another to the thigh sends Punk to the rope but Henry grabs him and slams him to the mat before kicking Punk out of the ring. Henry follows and escapes the ring only for Piunk to roll into the ring quickly, hit the ropes, and fly between the ropes right into Henry. Punk and Henry on the outside. Punk with an axe handle. He looks to send Henry to the steel post, but Henry reverses and sends Punk into the post. Henry lifts Punk then crushes his head into the post. Henry is looking for a splash or something, but Punk lifts the boot and hits Henry in the face. Again. Punk hops on the barricade, runs across it ala Jeff Hardy, then flies and hits a bulldog to the back of Henry's head. Punk looks to lift Henry, but struggles. Henry helps by hitting Punk in the gut. Punk comes back with some hard kicks to the back of Henry and the crowd is playing along like Miami, only not as well. Punk goes up top to the apron and flies, but Henry grabs him and swings him into the barricade as we go to a break.

We're back, and Henry has Punk's face between his huge hands. Punk kicks Henry in the head, though, and gets out of it. Another kick, then Punk hits the ropes and Henry hits a hard clothesline, knocking Punk down. Henry steps on the chest of Punk for a bit, then talks some mess from above. Punk is on the outside apron. Henry grabs Punk, so Punk hangs him up then goes for a chair. He's in the ring now and looks to hit Henry. A hit to the gut,, one to the chest of Henry! Cover. 1...2...NO! Punk with the chair, he runs towards Henry but Henry fires back with a kick to the gut before the chair can fall! Henry now has the chair! He's looking to hit, and he does! Right to the back of Punk! Henry sets up the chair between the first and second turnbuckle. Henry grabs Punk and looks to be sending Punk headfirst, but Punk fights back with some rights then some chops, and a right, and another chop, followed by some YES assisted forearms! Punk hits the ropes, but here comes Henry with a clothesline from the corner! Henry grabs Punk in a bear hug, cinching it a couple of times as Punk denies giving up. Punk tries firing back with some hard elbows to the head of Henry, then a clip to the knee. Punk with a short DDT and a pin for 1...2...NO!! Punk is going up top! Henry is up, too! Punk looks to fly and he flies right into the arms of Henry. Henry goes for the World's Strongest Slam, but on the uplift, Punk flies over and kicks Henry in the head, sending Henry to the corner! Punk with a running high knee into the bulldo---NO! Henry tosses Punk across the ring! Henry looks for a running headbutt, but Punk moves and Henry runs right into the steel chair!! Punk is on the outside, he grabs the chair and takes it with him up on the top rope. Punk is calling for the elbow! Elbow on top of chair on top of Henry! Pin! 1....2....3!!!

Winner: CM Punk (***)

Not as good as their match from two weeks ago, but still a pretty good match. The no DQ rule had its affects, but they still stuck to wrestling, and made it look damned good.

After the match, Jericho comes on the screen, sitting in a bar, it appears. He confirms as Jericho says it reeks of beer. He bets Punk can't wait to get his hands...