Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, May 27th, 2013 (USA Network)

Location: The Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

A touching Memorial Day tribute video to the soldiers past and present of the United States kicks things off tonight.

We are LIVE in Bret Hart's backyard of Calgary, Alberta, Canada as Cole recaps the events transpiring between Triple H and Curtis Axel, including the Game ignoring doctor's orders and ending up suffering a sort of post-concussion syndrome. Also recapped is Ryback's proposed rematch at WWE Payback for an Ambulance Match with "Da Champ" John Cena.

Speaking of the man, here he comes, yellow shirt, jorts and all. The usual 50-50 reaction for Cena. He takes in the crowd for a few moments. He notices the unrest, the anger and anxiety of the audience. He brings up the Last Man Standing match, how neither man(?) stood for the count of 10, and that both men have a claim to the WWE Title. There's Cena, who holds the title, and Ryback, who feels he deserves it. A "We Want Bret" chant rings through the arena, and Cena assures that tribute will be paid to the "Hitman" in due time. Cena feels Payback should be deliberate, definitive and hell. He suggests a THREE STAGES OF HELL match! First match is so Ryback can't run: A Lumberjack match. The second stage is one Cena thanks the audience for, because of a familiar chant: We want tables! A Tables match. The third round is Ryback's precious Ambulance match, and even if Cena wins the first two, he'll still toss Ryback in the ambulance to be taken to the hospital.

Ryback comes out and agrees about how payback should be deliberate, definitive and hell. He drove Cena through the lighting, not caring what was on the other side. He took Cena to Hell. Say hello to Beelzebub, say hello to Lucifer, say hello to Satan, say hello to RYBACK.

As Ryback leaves, out come Heyman, who overly praises Curtis Axel's "dominant" victory over Triple H and introduces the "future WWE Champion and Hall of Famer" himself. Heyman says it's two different things to accept a challenge from Ryback and challenge the man himself. Heyman has a challenge for Cena; For the first time, John Cena versus Curtis Axel! Cena gives brief praise to Axel before warning him about Heyman, but Axel cuts him off and says he's looking for a fight, not an opinion. Cena relents, and accepts Heyman's proposed match. It's on!

Coming up next, the rubber match between ALBERTOOOOO DEL RIIIIIOOOOOOO and Big E. Langston!

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"Official" Ricardo announcing time: 13.952 seconds.

Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Big E. Langston w/AJ Lee

Lock up, and Langston with knees and shoulders to Del Rio to start. Del Rio ducks a clothesline, hits a dropkick and low bridges Langston. He follows up with a suicide dive to the outside. Langston recovers and drops Del Rio face first on the steel steps. He rolls him back in for a 2 count. Del Rio gets caught coming off the top and Big E. hits his trio of rib breakers for another 2 count. Langston misses a shoulder into the ring post. Clotheslines finally take down Langston, followed by a big Backstabber. Thrust kick gets a CLOSE near fall for Del Rio. Langston counters the Cross Arm Breaker into a belly-to-belly slam. He readies the Big Ending, but Del Rio counters into the Arm Breaker. AJ up on the apron and takes apart the turnbuckle pad apart. Langston takes down Del Rio, but Alberto tricks him into the Cross Arm Breaker! Langston POWERS Alberto up, but Del Rio lets go of the hold, and waistlocks Langston, driving him into the exposed turnbuckle. Del Rio rolls up a dazed Langston for 3!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Time: 3:45

AJ and Langston are both upset with one another over how the match ended and walk off together in a huff.

Team Hell No invokes their Tag Title rematch against The Shield's Reigns and Rollins tonight!

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Kane backstage with Daniel Bryan, who's obsessing over being the weak link. Kane is fed up, since Bryan's the only one who thinks he's the weak link and he has to pull himself together if they're going to win the titles back. Bryan assumes that means Kane does think he's the weak link, and they devolve into a YES-NO argument until "DA HITMAN" himself shows up to a big pop! Hart warns them about this kind of arguing breaking up tag teams and praises Team Hell No as one of the best...