Triple h
Triple H
Paul Michael Levesque
  • Birthdate: 07/27/1969 (age 45)
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 255lb

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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, June 10th, 2013 (USA Network)

Location: The Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, VA

Results by Tony Acero

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We begin with the beginning of last RAW! Yay! We also get some intense music backing Triple H and his triumphant denials of love and care from wife and Father in Law. We end on Triple H's promise to be in the ring next Monday (tonight), and as promised, Triple H's music hits! The crowd goes green as Lemmy giggles, and Trips is in-ring ready. It looks like we're going to have us a match to start the show!

Match 1: Triple H vs Curtis Axel

The crowd is firmly behind the H's as Axel takes his time to enter the ring. The bell hits and Trips kicks him in the gut then gets Axel in the corner with some soupbones. The ref breaks it up, but Trips pushes and stomps Axel a bit. Robinson tries to hold him off aain, but Trips hits a nice lookin suplex and pins for 1. Triple H pinches the nerves of Axel as Vince McMahon's music hits! Say whaaaaa

Triple H has a side headlock on Axel, staring at Vince the entire time, as Vinnie walks down the ramp and around the ring. Whip to the ropes and Axel hits a shoulder block then gets tossed over the ropes like nothing. Vince goes to the corner, rings the bell, and tells Justin Roberts he stinks, and also makes him say that Triple H is DQ'd and Axel wins the match...

Official Result: Curtis Axel via DQ


Vince power walks back up the ramp, completely ignoring the yells of Triple H. Heyman giggles on the corner. Triple H leaves the ring and wants a restart to the match...alrighty, then.

Match 2: Triple H vs Curtis Axel

Lockup to start, into another sideheadlock...and McMahon powerwalks down the ramp yet again. Triple H hits the ropes, and a shoulder block of his own, as Axel heads to the corner. The crowd chants YOU SUCK and McMahon rings the bell then has Roberts announce that Axel wins now, due to a forfeit.

Official Result: Curtis Axel via foreit


Triple H leaves the ring yet again, and asks Roberts - yet again - to restart the a 60-minute Iron Man match. Oh, you're just fucking with me, now...

Before the official match can start, Vince comes staggering back and heading over to Roberts. Triple H stares him down. McMahon asks Curtis to leave the ring. Out goes Curtis with his two wins, and grabs the bell. He tells Roberts to get another microphone and the time keeper to get another bell. hahahahaha. McMahon walks away with the bell and microphone.

We get some graphics of upcoming events such as a Ryback and Cena face off, and Cole hilariously announces Kaitlyn's secret admirer's intentions to reveal himself just as a Kane graphic shows up on the screen. It is, of course, to advertise the match with him and Ambrose later, but still made me chuckle.

-commercial break-

We are backstage, and Triple H is yelling at Steph. He claims that Vince crossed the line and that was so embarrassing. Steph agrees, but pleas for "Paul" not to hurt him. He's not getting any younger, she says, and wants Triple H to remember yesterday with Vince in the pool when he was squirting their kids. She fake cries and Triple H says that if he talks to him, it's not going to end well, so Steph should go talk to him. I remember crying Steph...I hated her.

Match 2: Kane v Dean Ambrose

I love how Rollins and Reigns accompany Ambrose out then walk to the back, knowing full well Ambrose can handle himself. It's the little things, amirite?! No bell for the match,

And we start with Ambrose sending Kane to the corner, only for Kane to reverse it then run into an elbow. Ambrose hits the ropes and runs into a boot. Pin for 1 from Kane. Kane with a dropkick and another pin. 1. Lame semds Ambrose to the corner and hits a right, then a knee. Ambrose reverses it with some shoulder blocks then scrapes Kane's face across the ropes...but he has a mask.

Anywhoo, Ambrose hits the ropes, but Kane catches him and hits a back breaker. Kane turns Ambrose around and drops a knee to the back of Ambrose. Kick to the face, and an uppercut sends Ambrose into the corner. Kane with a whip to other corner, and it's a tough one, sendin Ambrose to his knees....