Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, June 17th, 2013 (USA Network)

Location: The Van Andel Arena Grand Rapids, MI

Results by Tony Acero

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Payback is over, some things have changed, and others have stayed the same. We're still on the hunt for someone as good as me to do the recap, so you've got The Acero for another RAW! Let's get to it!!!

We're starting off with a bang, here! Ok, a whimper, actually, as Ricardo Rodriguez is announced to a few boos. He's lookin smug, so perhaps his boss will be the same. Del Rio is announced, and out comes the new champion, sans car. The announcers speak of Del Rio taking advantage of the concussion Dolph suffered.

Del Rio no the mic. He is grinning. He asks how our weekend was, because he hears everyone talking about Man of Steel, but why do that when we have a man of gold in front of us. He is the NEW Superman. Ricardo announces him again, this time with more Os. Del Rio says that some are saying the way he won was controversial, but what about the night after Mania? That was controversial! Dolph attacked Del Rio, injured, practically broken, and even though he was in pain, he gave Dolph a fight. But what did people do? They cheer for Dolph. Hmmmm, interesting take.

Del Rio calls Dolph a coward for attacking an injured man. Del Rio says he should probably be surprised or offended, but he's not. It's ok. He gets it. He heard the reaction last night. "WE WANT ZIGGLER" Chant. He claims to have given us everything, and we never showed him respect. He fought Jack Swagger, an ignorant pig who disrespected Mexico. And all that came out of that was USA chants. Which, of course, prompts silly Americans to chant USA. He wants to get something "estraight''! They are unwilling to cheer for Del Rio, but cheers for a pig and a coward?! He then calls the crowd one and the same. He fought for them, and didn't get anything, so he turned heel and won a belt, y'all!

Del Rio will be the better man, though. He will show why he is the best. He is going to give us a second chance to show him the respect he deserves. He is interrupted by....

CM PUNK! He's accompanied by Paul Heyman and chops on his cheeks! Punk is all smiles as Del Rio holds up his belt. The crowd is loving him. Punk says hi, then says it feels like it's been a while. The last time they were in the ring was Survivor Series 2011 when Punk beat Del Rio and went on to hold onto the title for a record 434 days. He can tell that Del Rio remembers it very well, but that's not why he is here. The problem Del Rio has with th people is not why he is here. He's here because he heard Del Rio say that he was "the best." Del Rio holds up the title as the crowd chants loudly for Punk.

There is only one best in the world, and Punk says Del RIo is looking at him right now. So he is here to challenge Del Rio. Heyman interrupts and wants to state publicly that his client does not fight for free. Heyman rambles while Punk tries to interrupt. He finally stops him, asks him what he's doing, and Heyman says they didn't talk about this, and the title wouldn't even be on the line. Punk is aware of that, Dolph gets a rematch. Punk is banged up because while Del Rio was stealing a title, he was stealing the show with Jericho. He's glad Del Rio thinks he's the best, but last night, Punk PROVED he is the best and he is willing to prove it again tonight against Del Rio.

Del Rio tries to tell Punk he doesn't want it, but Punk wants it. Tonight. We get a "SI!" chant. Del Rio says he is the World Heavyweight Champion, and like he said, Punk doesn't want it. Punk had a feeling he would say that, so he challenges Ricardo Rodriguez. hahaha.

Out comes Team Brickie, asking for our excusing. Vickie calls the PPV great, but she can't think of a better way of continuing the momentum than to have Punk vs Del Rio. The crowd agrees, and that's that. It's official like a referee whistle.

Sidenote: If you're stealing my recaps, please know that it's cool, just be aware that I am shaking my head at you from high above my pedestal of awesomeness.

Backstage, Paul is saying he...