Cm punk quitting wwe featured
CM Punk
Phillip Jack Brooks
  • Birthdate: 10/26/1978 (age 36)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 218 Ib

He was titled in the WWE as "the longest-reigni...

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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, August 20th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Save Mart Center in Fresno, CA

Results by Tony Acero

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

-Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring to kick off the show. Heyman says he knows how the crowd feels, because last night's main event was uncomfortable to watch. He sat at that very desk doing a far better job than those announcers years ago, and saw HHH rip his quad, yet he finished a fight. What a warrior he was. That man fought through that, a torn quad couldn't stop HHH, but Brock Lesnar could. Lesnar defeated HHH, forcing him to tap out. What that means is that Lesnar made HHH to QUIT. He made his quit on his family, to quit on the company, to quit on his friends, his fans and all of YOU in the crowd. Lesnar made him suffer, took his dignity and left him a shell of a man. Heyman doesn't feel sorry for HHH, and neither should you. HHH picked the fight, he told the referee to his locker room and said to bend the rules and made it a fight for the finish. So at this time, on behalf of Lesnar, he calls referee Scott Armstrong to the ring.

Heyman demands that someone send out Armstrong, and here he comes. Heyman urges Armstrong to come to the ring, saying it is live TV and that Lesnar doesn't bite, but basically does everything else. Heyman asks him if HHH asked for the rules to be broken and for it to be a fight to the finish. Heyman says Lesnar has two words for him, and Lesnar says, "Good job." Heyman says Lesnar ended HHH's career, and jeopardized the future of the WWE. Heyman then announces that Lesnar is the NEW KING OF KINGS, the MASTER OF THE BROCKTAGON and Conqueror of the WWE universe!

-Shawn Michaels will join us via satellite tonight.

-Cole and King discuss the WWE Title match from last night, and the fact that CM Punk is still the champion. Punk TOUTED earlier today, stating he will pick his next opponent.

R Truth, Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes, Titus O'Neil and Darren Young

Young and Kofi to begin. To the corner and a clean break by Kofi. Side headlock applied, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Young. Counters and a back elbow by Kofi gets 2. Tag to Truth, off the ropes and a double hip toss to Young. Double dropkick to O'Neil as he enters. Cara pulls Cody to the floor and he heads up top, and Cody bails up the ramp. Champs with the baseball slide dropkicks to the Players, and we head to a commercial @ 2:00.

Back from a commercial @ 5:00, with Kofi tagging in Truth. He unloads on Young, kick to Young and a cover gets 2. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Young. Cody blind tags in, forearm to Truth and a cover gets 2. Slam by Cody, and stomps Truth in the face. O'Neil tags in, lays the boots to Truth. Neck crank by O'Neil, Truth with rights to escape and then runs into a big boot. O'Neil covers for 2. Young tags in and O'Neil slams him onto Truth and that gets 2. Young works the body scissors, Truth to his feet, but Young takes him to the corner, tags in O'Neil who beats down Truth. Big clothesline by O'Neil, and a cover gets 2. Truth again to his feet, and a leg lariat connects. BOTH men are down now. Tags to Cody and Cara. Back hand spring elbow by Cara. Head scissors follows. Enziguri by Cara, springboard cross body gets 2 as the Players break it up. Champs send them to the floor, dive by Kofi wipes them out. Cody tries for Cara's mask again, but gets rolled up for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: R Truth, Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara @ 10:00 via pin

-Kane and Zack Ryder will face Daniel Bryan and The Miz later tonight. AJ made the match to help them deal with their anger management issues.

-Matt Striker is with AJ. David Otunga arrives, and pimps his movie with Halle Berry. He says congrats to AJ for getting the job, and says she may need legal advice, Harvard advice, He says if someone calls her crazy he will sue so he can protect her. AJ says if he wants to offer services, he can, in the ring tonight, against an opponent of her choosing. Striker goes back to Punk stating he would pick his opponent, and AJ says she likes...