WWE RAW Results (8/20) – Cena/Punk, Lesnar/Heyman!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, August 20th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Save Mart Center in Fresno, CA

Results by Tony Acero

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

-Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring to kick off the show. Heyman says he knows how the crowd feels, because last night’s main event was uncomfortable to watch. He sat at that very desk doing a far better job than those announcers years ago, and saw HHH rip his quad, yet he finished a fight. What a warrior he was. That man fought through that, a torn quad couldn’t stop HHH, but Brock Lesnar could. Lesnar defeated HHH, forcing him to tap out. What that means is that Lesnar made HHH to QUIT. He made his quit on his family, to quit on the company, to quit on his friends, his fans and all of YOU in the crowd. Lesnar made him suffer, took his dignity and left him a shell of a man. Heyman doesn’t feel sorry for HHH, and neither should you. HHH picked the fight, he told the referee to his locker room and said to bend the rules and made it a fight for the finish. So at this time, on behalf of Lesnar, he calls referee Scott Armstrong to the ring.

Heyman demands that someone send out Armstrong, and here he comes. Heyman urges Armstrong to come to the ring, saying it is live TV and that Lesnar doesn’t bite, but basically does everything else. Heyman asks him if HHH asked for the rules to be broken and for it to be a fight to the finish. Heyman says Lesnar has two words for him, and Lesnar says, “Good job.” Heyman says Lesnar ended HHH’s career, and jeopardized the future of the WWE. Heyman then announces that Lesnar is the NEW KING OF KINGS, the MASTER OF THE BROCKTAGON and Conqueror of the WWE universe!

-Shawn Michaels will join us via satellite tonight.

-Cole and King discuss the WWE Title match from last night, and the fact that CM Punk is still the champion. Punk TOUTED earlier today, stating he will pick his next opponent.

R Truth, Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes, Titus O’Neil and Darren Young

Young and Kofi to begin. To the corner and a clean break by Kofi. Side headlock applied, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Young. Counters and a back elbow by Kofi gets 2. Tag to Truth, off the ropes and a double hip toss to Young. Double dropkick to O’Neil as he enters. Cara pulls Cody to the floor and he heads up top, and Cody bails up the ramp. Champs with the baseball slide dropkicks to the Players, and we head to a commercial @ 2:00.

Back from a commercial @ 5:00, with Kofi tagging in Truth. He unloads on Young, kick to Young and a cover gets 2. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Young. Cody blind tags in, forearm to Truth and a cover gets 2. Slam by Cody, and stomps Truth in the face. O’Neil tags in, lays the boots to Truth. Neck crank by O’Neil, Truth with rights to escape and then runs into a big boot. O’Neil covers for 2. Young tags in and O’Neil slams him onto Truth and that gets 2. Young works the body scissors, Truth to his feet, but Young takes him to the corner, tags in O’Neil who beats down Truth. Big clothesline by O’Neil, and a cover gets 2. Truth again to his feet, and a leg lariat connects. BOTH men are down now. Tags to Cody and Cara. Back hand spring elbow by Cara. Head scissors follows. Enziguri by Cara, springboard cross body gets 2 as the Players break it up. Champs send them to the floor, dive by Kofi wipes them out. Cody tries for Cara’s mask again, but gets rolled up for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: R Truth, Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara @ 10:00 via pin

-Kane and Zack Ryder will face Daniel Bryan and The Miz later tonight. AJ made the match to help them deal with their anger management issues.

-Matt Striker is with AJ. David Otunga arrives, and pimps his movie with Halle Berry. He says congrats to AJ for getting the job, and says she may need legal advice, Harvard advice, He says if someone calls her crazy he will sue so he can protect her. AJ says if he wants to offer services, he can, in the ring tonight, against an opponent of her choosing. Striker goes back to Punk stating he would pick his opponent, and AJ says she likes it. Punk can choose anyone he wants, pending her approval. She skips away.

Ryback vs. Two Jobbers

Ryback boots jobber 1, and tosses him to the floor. Shoulder block in the corner to jobber 2 and then slams him to the mat. Powerbomb to jobber 2, holds on into another and then a third. Suplexes jobber 1 back in. FINISH IT. Double fisherman’s buster stopped by Jinder Mahal. Yeah, really.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryback @ 2:00 via DQ

-Mahal continues the attack and gets the camel clutch to humble Ryback, but Ryback stand out and slams Mahal down. Mahal runs and Ryback hits his double finish in the jobbers.

-Chris Jericho is backstage on the TWITTAH MACHINE, and Ziggler arrives and says he can beat Jericho. Jericho runs through his catchphrases, and says he knows how to win the big one and asks if Ziggler knows how too. AJ skips in and says they will rematch, with higher stakes. If Jericho loses, his contract is terminated. If Dolph loses, Jericho gets the MITB briefcase.

-Alberto Del Rio walks.

-Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring. Del Rio says he should be the new world champion, but instead, last night he was robbed by the referee and by that peasant Sheamus. He runs video of the finish from last night’s match, well not footage, still photos. Del Rio says he was robbed. He’s not gonna take it, no, he’s not gonna take it. He demands another world title match right here and now. AJ come sout to the ring, skipping as always, and says “Hola Alberto.” She says she has no authority over the world title, but since Del Rio is already dressed, she will give him a match. Randy Orton.

-After a commercial, Sheamus makes his way out to join the commentary team.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton

Orton takes control early, as Del Rio was distracted and then sent to the floor. Del Rio back in, slingshot suplex by Orton (SHAED OF TULLY BLANCHARD) and covers for 2. Orton lays the boots to Del Rio, Ronnie Garvin style, and then covers for 2. Rights by Orton in the corner, mounted shots now, but Del Rio out and snap mares Orton and then kicks him in the back and covers for 2. Del Rio works the chinlock now, but Orton gets to his feet and escapes. To the corner and Orton with the counter and roll up for 2. Kick by Del Rio, and then a basement dropkick gets 2. Snap suplex by Del Rio, and then a double stomp. Del Rio mocks Orton by pounding the mat, and then heads up top. Orton crotches him, follows up top and hits a superplex. He covers for 2. They trade rights, kicks now by Del Rio. Clotheslines by Orton. Snap slam follows and Orton then looks for the hangman’s neck breaker, and Del Rio escapes and gets an Enziguri on Orton, covers for 2. Orton battles back with the back breaker, but Del Rio fights back, arm breaker try, countered to an neck breaker by Orton for 2. Del Rio to the 2nd rope, Orton with rights and then gets the hangman’s neck breaker. Orton drops to the mat and sets, Rodriguez on the apron and Sheamus takes care of him. Orton momentarily distracted and he talks shit to Sheamus. Backstabber by Del Rio gets 2 as Sheamus puts Orton’s foot on the ropes. Del Rio bitches at Del Rio, and he then walks into an RKO. That is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Randy Orton @ 8:00 via pin

-We see video of Punk after Summerslam. When asked if it was controversial, Punk says that he had to beat someone twice. He tapped out Big Show, and then had to beat him again. Just because someone that AJ doesn’t want as champion doesn’t make it controversial. He has been champion for 10-months, and says you better learn to respect him.

-Highlights of Antonio Cesaro from last night’s Summerslam pre-show. We see a TOUT of his celebration.

-Highlights of the Summerslam week events.

-Brodus Clay comes to the ring.

-We get highlights of Damien Sandow attacking Clay two weeks ago.

Brodus Clay vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow shoots for the leg, but Clay beats him down in the corner. Off the ropes and a backdrop to Sandow. Big rights by Clay, and then slams Sandow to the corner repeatedly. Belly to belly suplex by Clay, off the ropes with the elbow drop. Clay talks trash to Sandow, but Sandow attacks the knee of Clay. Clay fires up and fires away with rights. Corner splash by Clay, and then hits Sandow with his ass in the corner. Charging head butt by Clay connects. To the corner, Clay misses the charge, roll up with the tights by Sandow and he wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Damien Sandow @ 2:30 via pin

-CARTWHEEL OF VICTORY! Clay attacks and hits a suplex on Sandow. Big splash connects and Clay dances with the girls.

-Shawn Michaels speaks next!

-Shawn joins us via satellite from his home. When asked if HHH’s career is over, Shawn says that his feelings are that he knows how HHH feels right now. You can tell yourself that the end is near, and you can prepare for it. You can do all the right things, but there is nothing that prepares you for the day when it hits you in the face. Through all of the thoughts, it really happens silently and privately. But in reality it happens in front of millions. And that is the humbling art. You can’t prepare yourself to face your professional mortality. He knows what HHH is feeling. What we saw last night, could have been the end of an amazing career. HHH is a warrior, and always has been. A man of honor and integrity, something Heyman and Lesnar know nothing about. HHH went out there to give all he had and did that last night. That’s what The Game does. Shawn says he wanted to support his friend, and that was stupid, because he became a distraction. Had he been there, maybe it would have been different, maybe not. But he knows that last week he told HHH that he knew where his heart was. He didn’t tell HHH the truth, and he should have heard that. He needed to hear him say he didn’t think he could beat Lesnar. It’s not an easy thing to do that for our friend, to tell them that it is over, and that time had run its course. He tells HHH that he has nothing to be ashamed of, and he is one of the greatest to ever live. He has respected him and has always been proud of him, and always loved him. They all love him. On behalf of himself and the WWE Universe, he thanks HHH for a job well done.

David Otunga vs. The Big Show

Show just starts beating Otunga’s ass all around the ring. Slam by Show, and then body shots follow. Show walks on Otunga’ s back, and then delivers a head butt. Otunga tries to fight back, that fails and Show chokes him out in the ropes. Big chops by Show, and knees follow. Final cut by Show connect, and he sets for the big punch. Otunga is out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Big Show @ 2:00 via pin

-Footage of Kane throwing a fit after his Summerlsam loss airs.

Kane and Zack Ryder vs. Daniel Bryan and The Miz

Bryan bails and tags in Miz, and Kane starts to beat him down in the corner. To the corner, and an uppercut lands. Tag to Ryder, takes Miz to another corner, beats him down. A whip, counter and double knees by Ryder. Second rope dropkick by Ryder connects. Miz now fights back, lays the boots to Ryder and then covers for 2. Tag to Bryan, kicks to the gut of Ryder. Hammerlock and knees to the locked arm by Bryan, and then mocks Ryder by extending his hand and saying “TAG HIM.” No kicks by Bryan, and a knee drop follows for 2. Tag to the Miz, he works over Ryder and then nails a neck breaker for 2. Tag back to Bryan, kicks to Ryder in the corner and then Bryan talks trash to Kane. Charges and Ryder ducks, and Bryan nails Miz . Ryder tags Kane, and then Miz refuses to tag in. Slap by Bryan to Kane, and he bails. Kane chases him, but then sees Ryder and doesn’t leave him. Instead, he chokeslams Ryder and throws a fit at ringside. Ok then.

OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest @ 5:00

-Kane then attacks a stagehand and looks to chokeslam him on the floor, but tosses him down. Back in the ring and Kane grabs Ryder and gives him the tombstone piledriver. Kane leaves.

-Footage of Cena talking after his Summerslam loss.

-Matt Striker talks with CM Punk. Punk says he is still the champion, and now, who will he face next? He thanks AJ for allowing him to choose his next opponent. He will chose someone that is loved and can take a beating. John Cena, on once condition. He will call him out and says it is all about respect. Tonight, he will demand respect from Cena.

#1 Contender’s Battle Royal For The Divas Title With All The Divas Because They Remembered They Have a Match to Book For Night of Champions

Divas Champion Layla joins us at ringside for commentary. We have Rosa, Aksana, Tamina, Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn, Eve and Natalya. The hell is Beth Phoenix. Aksana and Rosa rolled to the floor, and are out. Crowd silent and not caring, and well I can’t blame them. Natalya and Tamina work together a bit in here. Stalling suplex on Fox, fights out and looks to eliminate Tamina. Natalya fights back and slams her to the corner. Natalya gets tosses. Tamina tosses Fox. Kaitlyn and Eve left, and Kaitlyn tries to fight off elimination and does. Clotheslien to Eve, can’t get her out, does it again and Eve is out and Kaitlyn wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kaitlyn @ 4:00

-Kaitlyn celebrates winning a title shot and getting revenge on Eve.

-Highlights of the opening promo.


-Wade Barrett video package.

-Vickie Guerrero complains about AJ, and says that Dolph cannot lose the contract because she has to manage a champion. She says to do it for him. Ziggler says that this is the biggest match of his entire career. Vickie says they have to win, and Ziggler says they will win.

Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero

(If Jericho loses, his WWE contract is terminated. If Ziggler loses, Jericho gets the MITB contract)

And here we go. Lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder block from Jericho. Roll up follows for 2. Another roll up by Jericho for 2. Ziggler bails to the floor. Ziggler back in, roll up by Jericho for 2. Jericho lays the boots to him, to the corner and rights follow. Ziggler fights back with rights, and covers for 2. More rights from Ziggler, To the corner, boots from Jericho. Second rope dropkick connects for Jericho and he covers for 2. Ziggler to the floor, tries to get back in and Ziggler sends him to the barricade. We head to a commercial @ 3:00.

Back from a commercial @ 6:00, with Ziggler in control with a chinlock. Headstand by Ziggler, to show off, and then drops back down and remains in control. Elbows by Ziggler, and then the big elbow drop connects for 2. Back to the chinlock goes Ziggler, and a backdrop suplex by Jericho to escape. Ziggler charges, eats a boot from Jericho. Shoulder blocks by Jericho, up top now and gets a double axe handle to Ziggler. Ziggler set up top, chops by Jericho. Up top he goes, and rights follow. Top rope JerichoRANA connects, and that gets 2. Ziggler fights back with a DDT and covers for 2. Jericho tries for the walls, countered, and Jericho then counters the Zig Zag. Bulldog by Jericho, followed by the Lionsault onto the KNEES of Ziggler. Zig Zag connects, and that is all!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dolph Ziggler @ 11:00 via pin

-Dolph and Vickie celebrate. Jericho takes the MITB case from Vickie, and stares down Ziggler. Jericho is a poor sport and lays out Ziggler with the case. He follows that up with the codebreaker. Come on man, have some class.

-CM Punk makes his way to the ring. Punk heads over to talk to Jerry Lawler, noting that Lawler said he turned his back on the WWE Universe. Punk says he wants to clear the air, and says Lawler should admit that it was a lie. Lawler says he meant no malice, because he felt that in the moment, it was the truth. Punk says to have the respect to apologize. Lawler starts to mumble, and…

Here comes John Cena. Punk reenters the ring and notes that Cena couldn’t have waited, since he was set to call him out tonight. Punk says he was conducting business, but Cena still had to steal the show. Punk says since WM until last night, he has had to take a backseat to Cena, Triple H, Dwayne and he did that out of respect. But respect is a two way street, and he has never seen any respect in return. Punk reminds us that he has been WWE champion for 9-months. People always ask why he isn’t in the main event, why is he taking a seat to John Cena. Punk says every match he is in is the main event, and he lets Cena go on last out of respect. But it no longer makes sense, since Punk beat Cena last year for the title and he beat him last night and should no longer have to take a back seat to him. He held up the company last year to get respect, and he shouldn’t have too any longer. In all the times he beat Cena, he still sees the sea of Cena merchandise. But it dawns on him, the one condition. If Cena wants the match, he has to tonight in front of everyone, admit that Punk is the best in the world.

Cena says since Punk always speaks him mind, he will do the same. Cena says through all of the ups and downs, the reason that the people support him is because he has respect. Cena says he will provide proof and does a Foley like cheap pop. But for some reason if Fresno state doesn’t win the title this year, the people will support them because it represents who they are. Cena says Punk makes valid points, but he will not let the fans down. He may throw away a title shot, but he will not call Punk the best in the world, because he has to believe that he is the best. That is not out of arrogance, it s because he believes in the fans, and he wants them to believe in him. he spend a year saying he would beat the Rock and he believed that. Because when you do not believe in yourself, you may as well hit the door and leave. Cena then reminds Punk that he held the title for 380 day straight, and during that time, he never demanded anything. He says Punk has been in the backseat, being champion for 274 days, but all anyone remembers is Punk blowing Vince a kiss and leaving town. And now he demands Cena sacrifices his integrity? No, he will not stroke Punk’s ego. He says prove it, so Punk can choose anyone he wants. Cena say she can live with it, because he can earn another shot at the title. Cena then says that one match can define Punk, Night of Champions is in Cena’s hometown. If Punk can walk in and retain the title in Cena’s backyard, that will define Punk’s legacy. Cena then says he does not care, and sys to choose anyone, just do not come out here and demand respect. Cena also says if refuses the match, that he has no respect for Punk and that Punk has no respect for the title.

Cena leaves to the back and Punk then says he wants to finish his business with Lawler. Punk demands that Lawler enter the ring, and apologize to him. Lawler enters the ring and Punk says Lawler went too far, and that he owes him an apology. Lawler says it is a misunderstanding, but then apologizes. Punk stops him from leaving, and says he is not finished. Since Cena doesn’t want to say it, Lawler will be able to sell it to the fans, so say it. Say that Punk in the best in the world. Lawler says to say what he wants, but he has spent a lot of years at the announce table and has the respect of the audience. Punk again tells Lawler to tell us he is the best in the world and Lawler says he cannot say that. Lawler then says he needs to go and do his job. Punk attacks him with a kick to the back of the head. Punk picks up the WWE Title, and stares down Lawler. Crowd not happy with Mr. Punk here as he looks over a fallen Lawler…

-End scene.

Credit: Tony Acero

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