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CM Punk
Phillip Jack Brooks
  • Birthdate: 10/26/1978 (age 38)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 218 Ib

He was titled in the WWE as "the longest-reigni...

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...two guys, revealed to be Cody Rhodes and Goldust, and are escorted out of the arena by security.

11 on 3 handicapped match vs The Shield

Jimmy Uso starts off vs Rollins, gets a few hits in then tags in Ziggler. Ziggler is driven into the corner of the Shield. The Shield alternate turns, wearing Ziggler down with a slow-paced offense. Ziggler hits a dropkick on Ambrose and tags in RVD. Van Dam goes for rolling thnder on Ambrose but Ambrose avoids it. Van Dam tries to bull rush Van Dam in the corner, Ambrose avoids it and scores a pinfall. Van Dam is eliminated. 10-3

Back from commercial, the Shield is working on Kofi. Ambrose scores a pinfall on Kofi. 9-3

Oneil enters the ring, Reigns is tagged in. There's a bit of a staredown before Oneil is forced into the corner of the Shield. Oneil fights out of the corner, attempts to kick Reigns, Reigns ducks and hits a spear, 3-count. 8-3

Justin Gabriel enters the ring to be immediately speared, 3-count. 7-3.

Zack Ryder gets a little offense but is speared as well, 3-count. 6-3

Daniel Bryan enters the ring, kicking Reigns left and right. Bryan hits a double dropkick on Ambrose and Rollins in the corner, then a running dropkick on Reigns. An Uso is tagged in and lands a kick to the face of Reigns. The other Uso lands a frog splash, 3-count. 6-2

Back from commercial, the Shield is wearing down Darren Young. Darren Young attempts to pin Ambrose in a rollup but fails to notice that Ambrose tagged in Rollins. Rollins hits Young with a knee to the head from the top rope as Young was attempting to pin Ambrose. Rollins scores the pinfall, Young is eliminated. 5-2

Ziggler wins the battle against Ambrose with zig zag, 3-count. 5-1

Rollins is the last remaining Shield member. Rollins lifts Ziggler up for a slam but Ziggler counters it into a DDT. Truth enters the match for the first time and manages to get in some offense before having his head stomped to the ground by Rollins. Truth is eliminated. 4-1

Bryan organizes a team attack against Rollins. Ambrose tries to help but is taken out by Ziggler. Reigns runs out but is met by two simultaneous kicks from the Usos, sending him ringside. The Usos launch over the rope onto Ambrose and Reigns. Bryan has control of Rollins, hitting the running knee that took out Cena and Orton in their respective matches. Bryan scores the pinfall victory to close out the show.

Credit: H. Winston