Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, December 12th, 2011 (USA Network)

Location: The Norfolk Scope Arena in Norfolk, VA

Results by Tony Acero of 411

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We get a nice lil video package showing the Slammy's of the past and some wow moments of 2011 before the start of the show. The opening is full of Flo Rida and comes off as a legit awards show, with a female voice over and the like. Pyros galore and we are welcomed by Michael Cole and we are here for the first Slammy of the Night.

"Tell Me I Did Not Just See That" Moment of the Year:

Presented by: Booker T and Hornswoggle

Hornswoggle is wearing an afro wig. Hornswoggle throws some slang out there and sells the match for this Sunday with Booker and Cody.


Jim Ross for the dance off against Michael Cole

Santino damn near wins the Royal Rumble

R-Truth gets Okey-doked by Lil Jimmy

The Miz mocks The Rock

Winner: Jim Ross

Jim Ross is out to accept his Slammy. He never thought he'd ever win a Slammy for getting JIGGY with it. Here is Cole on the mic....oh joy. He claims this is ridiculous. He can't beleive that we are only one award in and already it' a sham. Obviously, the dance contest was rigged and he is going to accept an award for it? The only thing JR did was get jiggily with it, cuz he's fat. Booker calls Cole a loser. Booker bets that tonight, Jim Ross could beat Michael Cole right now in...a Rap Off. Shades of The Greg DeMarco Show! Cole is down. He listens to Eminem, so lets get this thing done.

Michael Cole:

My name is Cole. That's my name.

I'm like JR, but I'm even smaller.

I went to Wrestlemania and I beat Jerry Lawler.

Good Ol JR, I'm better than you

I'm the voice of this show, not a fat tub of goo

JR, I know you're jealous, yeah you are

I think you should just take a hike

cuz you know that the whole wide world wants to be like MIKE!

Why don't you just crawl back in your hole

Cuz you just got screwed...by Vintage Cole.

Jim Ross is going to do this acapella:

Michael Cole, you're a damn fool

The King beat you like a Government Mule

I should be callin RAW cuz you ain't got no talent

(JR stalls)

You kiss the Kings feet now you can kiss my ass

Jim Ross wins this, but Booker says it's not over just yet...Booker calls for the Spinarooni from JR. We get....a variant of it, but essentially it's Jim Ross spinning. I swear, when he fell back, I thought he was having a heart attack. This was as bad as you can imagine...

In the back, Foley is walking towards the ring. It appears he is a presenter.

"Holy Bleep" Moment of the Year:

Presented by: Mick Foley and "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase

Foley claims that it makes sense why he's in here, what with all of his career, but why is Ted DiBiase here? Why did they get paired up? Is it because he's the wealthiest while Foley is the - DiBiase interjects with Cheapest. DiBiase says he is the Holy part of this


Sheamus powerbombing Sin Cara through ladder at MITB

Randy Orton RKO's Christian on the steps at Summerslam

Big Show and Mark Henry break the ring at Vengeance

Evan Bourne with the Shooting Star Press off the ladder at MITB

Winner: The Big Show and Mark Henry

Show comes out by himself and says that he's pretty sure Henry is a bit gun shy after what he did to him on Smackdown. He claims that what would go real good with this Slammy is the World Heavyweight Championship and after TLC, he's going to put those two together. Show says he is going to do what he does best, go into the ring and bust some heads.

Match 1: The Big Show vs. Wade Barrett

We come back while the match is in play. Show trucks through Wade Barrett in the ring and Wade is outside. Show follows. Show looks like he's going to toss Barrett into the table, but Barrett floats over and sends him to the ring post. Show is on his knees, face down on the table. Wade Barrett hops up to the second rope, looking to jump but Show is up and stares at him. Show crushes the fucking table in half with his bare hands then chops Wade into the ring. Wade goes for the chair, Show...