[Show: WWE Smackdown] [Location: Worcester, Massachusetts] [Date: 1/17/14]

Welcome to live coverage of WWE Smackdown and we are shown a video package of the NAO leaving CM Punk in their tag match on this past week’s Raw.

The New Age Outlaws vs. Rhodes Brothers

Goldust and Road Dogg start things off, Goldust with a big right hand to kick off this match. Dogg apologizes and wants to shake hands, he kicks him in the gut and lands several right hands. Goldust with an uppercut and backs him into the corner where he lands right hands. He lands the backwards elbow off the middle rope, but Gunn is tagged in. Shortly after, Goldust sends him to the floor. Dogg gets the tag, but runs into a power slam suplex. Cody gets the hot tag and clears house. A big uppercut to Gunn and he rolls him up for a count of 1. Cody with a high knee and then a spring board double missile drop kick for a count of 2 as Dogg breaks it up. Goldust clotheslines Dogg to the floor and Gunn with a big kick to Cody. Gunn goes for the Fameaser, but blocked and Cody goes for “Cross Rhodes” but blocked. Gunn with a big power slam for a count of 2. Gunn lifts him up and goes for the “Fameaser”, but blocked and Cody hits the disaster kick. Vickie interrupts and starts talking, she talks about the Royal Rumble match about everyone against each other. Gunn rolls up Cody off the distraction for the win.

Winners: New Age Outlaws

CM Punk is does a backstage promo with Renee Young. Punk calls out all three members of The Shield for later tonight.

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Paul Heyman comes out to the ring and talks about how Big Show can't hurt him because Brock Lesnar would not let that happen. He says Lesnar will be on RAW and all of a sudden Big Show's music hits. Show chases off Heyman and Paul books it to the crowd. Big Show shows replay where he tossed Lesnar on RAW. Show says this time he will knock Lesnar out.

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Before their match, Rey says Del Rio is worried about Batista returning, instead he should be worried about him.

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio with a big right hand and put the boots to him. Del Rio works the arm and goes for a drop kick, but slides to the floor. Rey with a drop kick and a dive to the baseball slide to the floor. Back in the ring, Rey with a shoulder block and off the top rope he is taken down. Del Rio with a kick to the gut as Rey hangs upside down. Del Rio has him in a body lock, but Rey fights out and sets him up for 619. Del Rio with a clothesline to cut him off for a count of 2. Del Rio with right hands to the face and taunts the crowd. Del Rio puts him on the top rope and tries to pull the mask off (Almost does) Del Rio sets him up upside down in the corner, but misses the shoulder block in the corner. Rey with a dive off the top rope for a count of 2. As Rey makes his way up, Del Rio catches him with a kick and locks in a head lock. Rey fights out of it, he is sent into the corner hard and Del Rio lands right hands. He puts Rey on the top rope and tries to suplex him off the top, Rey pushes him off. Rey with a senton and a head takeover. He tries to go for 619, but reversed into a back breaker by Del Rio. ADR with right hands then a roll up, but Rey kicks him in the head for a count of 2. Rey on the top rope, but Del Rio catches him with a kick to the side of the head for a count of 2. Del Rio goes for the arm bar, but blocked and Rey with a big DDT off the top rope for a count of 2. Del Rio with a works the arm and goes for the arm bar, but blocked and sent into a 619! He goes for the splash off the top rope and eats knee’s to the ribs by Del Rio. ADR goes for the super kick, but reversed into a roll up for the win.

Winner: Rey Rey

After the match, Del Rio beats Rey down even more. Del Rio locks Rey in the cross arm breaker and won't let it go until the referee breaks it.

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Naomi vs....