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We get a video package recapping the contract signing on raw with it ending with The Big Show driving a Semi Truck into the arena.

Smackdown opens with Michael Cole introducing Triple H for their sit down interview. Triple H welcomes us to Smackdown. Cole says that Triple H is a busy man but asks his thoughts on Big Show actions on Raw. Triple H says that he fired 6 people that allowed Big Show to be allowed in the arena. Triple H says that he has been advised on the Big Show law suit not to comment on him. Triple H says that Big Show is irrelevant & now shifted his focus on Hell in a Cell PPV. Cole asks about what about The Big Show tonight but is quickly interrupted by the game & he says not to ask him about the Big Show. Cole asks his thoughts on the world title match. Triple H says he cannot wait for the return of John Cena. Triple H says that he knows how Cena feels coming back from an injury. Cole wants to talk about the WWE Title Match & what are Triple H thoughts on the match. The game answers with that he is thrilled that Shawn Michaels was picked as the special guest referee then goes on to talk about how it feels to be in that match (HIAC) Cole notes that there has been some disagreements on with Shawn & the most noted able ones about Shawn training Daniel Bryan. Triple H says that they have up & downs in their relationship but both men can agree on what’s best for business. Triple H knows that Shawn will do the right thing. Cole asks what is the best thing but before the game can answer Daniel Bryan interrupts. Bryan says the right thing is to let himself & Orton settle themselves. He doesn’t care who Triple H tries to get involved in the match but sense it’s Hell in a Cell no one can get in. He says that Shawn is his own man & will do what’s right for business. Bryan adds that after he wins the title that he will prove Triple H wrong. Bryan says he will become the new WWE champion & the new face of the WWE! Yes chants follow to end the segment.

The Usos vs. Wyatt Family

The Miz is on commentary & the Rowan starts things off beating down the Uso. A quick tag in for Harper & a big boot from the weird man. A sit down suplex for 2 while it broken up by the other Uso. Jey gets a quick tag to Jimmy & he nails Rowan off the apron then a big boot followed by a Samoa drop. Jimmy nails a big butt in the corner but broken up by rowan. They send Rowan & Harper over the top. One Uso takes out rowan with a dive but when the other goes for the suicide dive he eats an forearm & the other Uso takes a big boot. Bray stands up to help Harper get the other Uso in the ring but Miz attacks Bray. Rowan chases Miz to the back & back in the ring Harper gets double super kicked for the 3 count.

Winner: The Uso’s

AJ Lee Vs. Nikki Bella

They lock up but a shove by AJ which leads Nikki to chase after her but broken up. Nikki takes down AJ & lands some right hands until AJ gets out of the ring & the two stare off. AJ uses the ropes to hang up Nikki for a 2 count. AJ puts the knee to the back of the head on the ropes then a neck breaker for 2. AJ locks in a headlock but Nikki fights out with a overhead take down. Big clotheslines by Nikki then a drop kick. Nikki throws her around then misses a sit down drop kick in the corner. Brie goes to attack Tamina but is thrown hard into the steel steps. Back in the ring AJ locks in the black widow for the win.

Winner: AJ Lee.

We are shown a John Cena Vs. Alberto Del Rio simulation match from WWE 2K14.

A video package of John Cena career was shown. (same one that was shown on raw)

Bray Wyatt 7 the Wyatt Family has the Miz backstage knocked out & handcuffed. Bray said he told the Miz to follow the buzzards. They walk away.

Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre vs. Los Matadores

Before the match the Real Americans come out & stand on the stage. At this point my document froze...