Smackdown opens with a personal video from the shield. Dean Ambrose says that they are tired of the Uso’s sticking their nose in the shield business. Rollins says that they are going to prove that Justice gets served tonight.

Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins Vs. The Uso’s

Uso & Ambrose start things off, basic wrestling at first until Uso catches him with a clothesline then tags in Jey off a double team elbow for 2. Ambrose catches him with chin breaker & tags in Rollins. Jey misses a splash in the corner & Rollins puts the boots to him. Rollins puts the boots to him in the corner but is sent to the floor as he does that Ambrose is tagged in. Uso with an uppercut but runs into a knee to the gut. Ambrose throws him out of the ring. Reigns is about to attack one of the Uso’s but Big E. Langston comes down to make sure nothing happens leading into the break.

Back from break with Ambrose having a arm lock on a Uso but he fights out. Moments later he eats a clothesline for 2. Rollins comes in off a punch off the top for 2. Rollins with right hands then sends him into the corner with a flying forearm. Rollins goes to the top rope but in midair Uso counters it to a Samoan drop. Uso gets the hot tag to his bro. Jimmy clears house then hits a sit down power bomb. Jimmy with a back it up in the corner for 2. Jimmy hits an enziguri then a back kick for 2as Rollins breaks it up. Jey hits a spine buster on Ambrose then a kick to Reigns. Uso fly’s out of the ring onto Reigns & Rollins. Back in the ring Uso misses a splash but rolls him up for the win.

Winners: The Uso’s

After the match The Shield attacks the Uso but Big E. makes the save. All six men stare off but The Shield retreats to the crowd.

A recap video of Sandow cashing in the Money in the Bank Briefcase on raw was shown.

John Cena comes to the ring, He says that he retained on Raw but he is not excited about but he is that he is on Smackdown. Cena says Smackdown better get ready for Cena to be here permanently. Cena says that he is putting everyone on noticed & if you want some get some. The real Americans come to the ring, Zeb Colter says that he wants to congratulate Cena on winning the title. He says that Alberto Del Rio had to sneak across the border to get in this country. Zeb says that Cena has a lot in common with the real Americans because he is a legend. Zeb wants Cena to join them on the fight against the non-Americans. To show their respect for him they say we the People! He extends his hand but Cena says you can’t see me. Cena says he sees three dumb people then goes on to his comedy routine. He makes fun of Cesaro about his nipples, yes his nipples. Cena also makes fun of Zeb on the way he looks. Cena says he has a problem with them, because they come out to criticizes Americans. He says they are full of BS. He points around the arena & this is the American way. Damien Sandow comes down to the ring, Sandow says that Cena is a hypocrite. Sandow says that he makes his own opportunity. Sandow says Cena has been handed everything & Cena is a false champion. He adds that Sandow is still their un crowned world champion. From now on it is his mission to end the Cena era. They all circle him but the Rhode Brothers come down to make the save. Vickie comes out & makes it a 6 man tag for the main event.

Shawn Michaels being attacked by Daniel Bryan from raw is show.

Also Wyatt Family taking out CM Punk & Daniel Bryan on Raw video package is shown.

Prime Time Players Vs. Wyatt Family

Young & Rowan start things off, young with right hands in the corner but sent hard out of the ring. Rowan throws him back in the ring & with some right hands. Harper throws Rowan into the corner with a splash then Harper with a big boot. Harper with a shoulder tackle then ties him up on the second rope. Rowan in off the tag with a boot then a suplex. Rowan locks in a head submission but Young fights out with right hands. Young is caught & thrown into the corner. Rowan misses a splash in the corner but Harper...