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Paul Randall Wight
  • Birthdate: 02/08/1972 (age 44)
  • Height: 7'0"
  • Weight: 425 Ib

Wight is a seven-time world champion, having wo...

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Welcome to WWE Smackdown, we are shown a graphic for our main event (Big Show Vs. Bray Wyatt) Batista makes his way out to the ring, He says that since he left the WWE, the fans begged him to come back and now they just boo him. He is a six time world heavyweight champ and a headliner for WrestleMania 30, but they still boo him. He says instead, they boo a goat faced guy like Daniel Bryan. How does that make sense? He says that is a personal slap to the face and then shows footage of him spearing Randy Orton. He says that Orton is not laughing about it, he says that one thing is a fact. That fact is he will be walking out of WrestleMania 30 with world heavyweight title. He says that Stephanie hits harder than Orton, HHH, Bryan or Orton. Triple H makes his way out to the ring with a smile on his face. The Game says he needs to leave his wife out of it. Batista says no, he says that she is the reason that Triple H is the COO of the WWE. Batista says that if he did not marry her than he would have nothing. Triple H says that he should not be worried about things that he should not be concerned about. He says this is the reality era and nobody should worry about how he got the power in the first place. HHH says do not try to make it personal. Batista says that he made it personal in the first place by saying that he is living in the past. Batista points out that every time that Batista and the game faced off, HHH never beat him ever. He says he came back to the WWE to win the world title and he will not stop him from winning it. Triple H says that was a long time ago, that was when HHH turned him into the hungry animal. He says that Batista is soft now and lazy since getting his success in Hollywood. He points out that he has yet to see the animal since Batista has made his return to the WWE. He says that Batista never finished off Bryan, but he did. HHH makes Batista vs. Sheamus tonight.

We are shown the recent bad blood between Kane, The New Age Outlaws and the Shield.

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The Shield (Ambrose and Rollins) vs. 3MB (McIntyre and Mahal)

Rollins and Mahal start things off, Rollins catches him with a dropkick followed by three suplex’s. Ambrose with an elbow drop for a near fall. He hits another one, then a stiff right hand. He tags in Rollins, Mahal catches him with a knee to the gut, then lands some right hands. He tags in McIntyre, who hits a suplex and taunts Reigns at ringside. Rollins fights out of a suplex and tags in Ambrose. He clears the ring, then hits a knee to the gut followed by right hands. Dean with a dropkick to McIntyre, Rollins with a dive taking out Mahal. Back in the ring Ambrose hits a clothesline, he nails the dirty deeds for the win.

Winners: The Shield in 3:03

After the match, Kane and the Outlaws come out to the stage. He says that they have new opponents and its Ryback and Curtis Axel.

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The Shield (Ambrose and Rollins) Vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

We’re back and the match has already started, Axel and Ambrose are in the ring. Dean with a leg submission, Axel fights out of it and then clotheslines Ambrose to the outside floor. Axel with right hands, then sends him into the ring where he tags Ryback who hits a knee drop off the top. Axel does the same thing and covers him for a near fall. Ryback goes for a suplex, but reversed and Ambrose hits a DDT. He tags in Rollins, who clears house. Axel tags in as well, Rollins with a running forearm, and then a drop kick. Rollins misses a knee to the face, but hits a kick to Ryback and Axel. Ambrose takes out Ryback as Seth launches Axel to the floor. Seth hits a front senton over the top rope taking out Ryback and Curtis Axel. Back in the ring, Seth hits a springboard move, but blocked. Axel with a kick, then goes for the perfect flex, but blocked. Seth hits the Blackout on Axel for the win.

Winners: The Shield in 4:07

As Kane and the Outlaws stare off at the Shield, Seth hits a front senton on Ryback, Reigns hits the superman punch on Ryback and they finish it off with the triple powerbomb to send a message to the three men on the stage.

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Damien Sandow vs. Sin Cara

The lights go dark and this match starts, Sandow with...