Daniel bryan
Daniel Bryan
Bryan Lloyd Danielson
  • Birthdate: 05/22/1981 (age 33)
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 210lb

In WWE, Danielson is a four-time world champion...

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[Show: WWE Smackdown] [Location Detroit, Michigan] [Date: 3/7/14]

Highlights from last Monday’s Raw is shown where the “Authority” beat down Daniel Bryan.

Welcome to WWE Smackdown and out comes Batista to kick off the show. He says that last week on Smackdown he asked where did all the real men go? Well one word Dolph Ziggler tried to step up and all he got for his efforts was Batista destroying him. He says that the same thing happened on Raw with Daniel Bryan. HE says that DB is no super hero and that he does not need them to cheer him. Daniel Bryan came out and asks the fans if Batista is a hero. Batista fires back and says that the biggest problem with WWE right now is that they let fans in the locker room (Daniel Bryan) he says DB should buy a ticket and watch like a fan. Bryan makes fun of Batista pants and says that Batista forgot about some things like how Batista won Monday’s match and all the interference that happened in their match. He says that he had Batista beat and it’s because he is a fan. He says that Batista should be embarrassed that a fan took him out Monday night. Batista says that he is better than Bryan, but also smarter and one step ahead of Bryan. He says that once he came back, it is his WWE Universe and Bryan should be lucky that he let him in it. He says that he will end it if he wants to. Bryan says that he does not know if he wants to be in a universe that dresses like Batista. They start brawling and Bryan drop kicks him. Kane comes out and attacks Bryan. They beat him down until the Big Show makes the save and surprise surprise, Vickie Guerrero makes a match between the four of them for the main event tonight.

The Shield Summit is scheduled for later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Alberto Del Rio is commentary for the following match…

Christian Vs. Dolph Ziggler

They lock up, Ziggie gets him with a shoulder block and does a bit of trash talking. They test strength, but Christian kicks him in the gut. Ziggler runs the ropes and hits a clothesline. Christian with a big slap and this turns into a brawl. Dolph with an elbow drops that he does ten of them for a near fall. Christian sends Dolph out to the floor, but misses the baseball slide and instead sends him head first into the steel steps.

-Commercial Break-

We are back from break with Ziggler fighting back with punches, but Christian hits him in the gut. Christian sends Ziggie throat first into the ropes then drives his boot into his throat. Christian locks in a chin lock, but Ziggler fights out with a jaw breaker. Christian hits a kick to the gut then a spring board move, but Dolph catches him with a drop kick. Men get to their feet, they trade right hands, Dolph shoots off the ropes and hits a forearm shot. Followed by a neck breaker and Ziggler is in control, he covers him for a near fall. Christian goes for the “Kill Switch” but blocked and Dolph hits a DDT for a near fall. Christian begs him to stop then rolls him up but gets his feet on the ropes. He argues with the referee. He kicks him in the face then goes for a DDT off the top rope. Dolph hits a face buster off the top rope for a near fall. ADR distracts Dolph and Christian hit the "kill switch" for the win.

Winner: Christian

After the match Renee Young asks why Christian has been so negative and why all of his anger has been positioned at Sheamus. The Irishmen’s music hits and they start brawling. Sheamus misses the brogue kick and Christian rolls out of the ring and all the way up the ramp.

-Commercial Break-

The Usos Vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

Curtis Axel grabs a Uso and tags in Ryback. Uso with a head butt on the big guy and some chops to the chest. He tags in his bro and where they hit a double team clothesline for a near fall. Ryback hits him with a knee to the gut and tags in Axel blindly and Axel pulls the rope down sending Uso out of the ring. He drives him into the apron and back into the ring. Axel with running knee to the face for a near fall, tags in Ryback and the big guy with a wrist lock that sends him in the air and back down. Ryback locks in an elbow lock, but...