Triple h
Triple H
Paul Michael Levesque
  • Birthdate: 07/27/1969 (age 45)
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 255lb

Hunter Hearst Helmsley is an American business ...

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[Show: WWE Smackdown] [Location: Atlanta, GA] [Date: 6/6/14] [Airing Live On Syfy]

Welcome to Friday night Smackdown, the show opens with Triple H and Seth Rollins coming out to Evolution's music. You Sold out chant breaks out, Triple H says that he told everyone so. He is here to help us with all of our questions. He says that Rollins is the reason and the man who brought down the most dominant group in WWE, the Shield. The crushed giants, we all want to know why he would walk away from all of that. Rollins says the reason he did what he did is because well he does not have to tell us. tHe only person that needs to know is he, but Dolph Ziggler came out and interrupted Rollins and Triple H. Ziggler calls Rollins a sell out, he points out all the positives that the Shield as done in the WWE. He turned his back on his brothers, he is a traitor. however Triple H wants to deal with this problem and books a match between the two. 

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Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler
They lock up as Triple H watches from ringside. Rollins with right hands, but Ziggler fights back with some of his own, but Rollins cuts him off with a big knee. Rollins with a power slam and then a knee drop for a near fall. Ziggler fights back when he nails a crossbody and then a drop kick. He clotheslines Rollins out of the ring to the floor. Rollins regroups and slides back into the ring. Back in the ring, Rollins attacks Ziggler and puts the boots to Ziggler. Rollins locks in a headlock, but Ziggler fights out. He locks in a sleeper hold submission. Rollins nails a splash to fight out of the submission hold. Ziggler is on the apron, Rollins drop kicks him off the apron and Ziggler falls to the floor.

We are back on Smackdown, Ziggler fights out of a headlock, but Rollins sends him head first into the turnbuckle. Ziggler hits a big DDT out of nowhere to change this match up. Ziggler nails a big clothesline to gain momentum. He connects with ten straight right hands. He follows it up with a neck breaker. He nails a elbow drop for a near fall. Rollins rolls to the floor, Ziggler connects with a dropkick as HHH cheers on Rollins. Back in the ring, Ziggler goes for the fameasser, but blocked. Ziggler rolls through and hits the fameasser for the near fall. Rollins nails a side kick to the face of Ziggler. Rollins  goes to the top rope, but Ziggler hits  a face first smash for a near fall. Ziggler goes for the zig zag, but blocked. Rollins nails a side kick to knock Ziggie down, he follows it up with right hands. Rollins nails a big powerbomb into the corner followed by the curb stomp for the win. 

Winner: Seth Rollins

Bad News Barrett does a backstage promo about facing RVD and Cesaro tonight. He says it;s unfair, he says that they are not in his league. He says there will be one winner and that’s him.

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Big Show approached Seth Rollins and Triple H backstage. He as well calls Rollins a sell out. Triple H announced Show vs. Randy Orton for our main event

The Usos vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

Ryback and Jey starts things off, they trade right hands, Jey with a kick to the gut, but he is sent to the floor. Back in the ring  we go, Ryback and Axel hit a series of quick tags and double team moves. The crowd is really behind The Usos. Axel nails an elbow drop and so does the big guy. Ryback locks in a side head lock, Jey fights out with right hands. He runs into a big spine buster for a near fall. Jimmy breaks it up, they continue to beat down Jey. However Axel goes to the top rope, but Jey hits a superkick. He tags in Jimmy who hits the big splash for the win.

Winners: The Usos

Rusev vs. Xavier Woods
Rusev nails a huge super kick on Woods and then he crushes Woods with the camel clutch for the win. Talk about a squash match!

Winner: Rusev

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IC Title Match: Bad News Barrett © vs. RVD vs. Cesaro
Barrett and RVD go right after Cesar, RVD rolls up Barrett  for a near fall. They trade right hands, Cesaro attacks them from behind. RVD nails a kick to Cesaro. They all trade right hands, RVD hits a monkey flip on Cesaro and then a spinning back kick to Barrett . RVD hits a double rolling thunder for a near fall. Cesaro throws RVD to the floor, Cesaro puts the boots to Barrett  in the corner. Barrett...