Show: Smackdown

Author: Cade Carnage (

Date: Oct.25.2013

Venue: Nationwide Arena (Columbus, OH)

Welcome eWrestlingNews Readers to the Smackdown Recap!!

SMackdown Oct.25.2013 (Big E's Hungry, CM Skunk?, More Gringo talk, and Miz lies)

Video Recap: We get shown a recap of last Mondays Raw, and hear the main event for tonight; The Rhodes brother, Miz, and Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton & The Shield.

What will the final Smackdown before Hell in the Cell bring us? Will the Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan feud, along with the Heyman & Punk feud reach a boiling point? Will Goldust and Rhodes stand tell yet again? And will Big Show make another surprise appearance to make his point that WWE management are corrupt, vile excuses of human beings.. Let the verbal word shooting begin!

We begin Smackdown with an interview between Michael Cole and the COO of WWE, Triple H in the middle of the ring. Triple H claims that due to Big Shows Mack Truck interruption on Raw, he’s had to fire 6 people that he believes should have done their job in stopping him. Because you know, people will and should try to stop an actual giant in a huge Mack truck; which is a perfect reason for firing someone, Right? Hunter continues his verbal assault on Big Show calling him irrelevant and definitely fired and that Triple H cannot and will not answer anymore questions about the Big Show. Cole asks about the World Heavyweight Championship match, Hunter builds up Cena and compares himself to his suffering when he had a similar injury. He believes it will be a very exciting match. Hunter gets asked about WWE Championship match and the crowd chants YES YES YES in the background. Hunter begins promoting Orton and the Hell in the Cell match, while attacking Daniel Bryan’s passion and character. But all of a sudden for some reason we abruptly cut to commercial while in mid sentence. Something may have been cut out?

The Usos vs. Eric Rowan and Luke Harper

Erick and Rowan start things fast and just plow through Jimmy, keeping him in their corner delivering punch after punch. Luke bounces Jimmy off the corner and delivers a front slam for the 2 count. Jimmy gets to his feet and runs around Luke and tags in Jay Uso. Jay runs past Luke and attacks Erick on the ropes and gets Luke down with a dropkick. The match goes to the outside where Jimmy jumps from the ring and connects a flying cross body onto Erick. As Jay attempted the same move he gets connected with a big boot from Luke. Luke big boots Jimmy on the outside and Bray Wyatt comes to assist his family. Miz gets up from the announcers table and attacks Bray on the outside, he distracts Erick to chase after him up the ramp and into the back. Luke is left to yell after his partner in the ring, just as he turns around, both Usos connect a super kick for the 1..2..3!

Winners: Jay and Jimmy Uso.

AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella (Tamina and Brie Occampany AJ and Nikki)

Brie chases after AJ, but AJ wraps around the ropes getting the ref to push Nikki off. Nikki still manages to get AJ down and delivers punch after punch. AJ rolls out and hides behind Tamina as Brie yells at her. As AJ climbs back in, she connects a neck breaker on Nikki off the ropes and gets the 2 count. AJ gets a chokehold on Nikki and keeps her down. She fights her way out with minimal motivation from the crowd and delivers close lines and a dropkick to AJ. As Nikki misses a corner dropkick in the corner to AJ, outside the ring Brie attempts to attack Tamina but ends up getting thrown into the stairs. Inside the ring AJ wraps in the Black Widow on Nikki and gets the Tap Tap Tap.

Winner: AJ Lee

Video Recap: John Cena’s Career recap; showing his first match against Kurt Angle, his thug-nation character, and his careers downfalls, and achievements.

As the announcers speak of Johns past early returns, Bray interrupts on the titon-tron having the camera-man follow him into a dark hallway. At the end of the hallway we see Erick and Luke standing on both sides of a masked wrestler who is beaten down on the floor; with the word “Liar” on his abdomen. They lift the mask off and we see that the beaten masked wrestler is actually The Miz. This is payback for attacking the leader Bray and for not following the Buzzers.. Common Miz, just follow the buzzers.

3MB vs Los Matadores

Before the match could begin,...