Daniel bryan
Daniel Bryan
Bryan Lloyd Danielson
  • Birthdate: 05/22/1981 (age 33)
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 210lb

In WWE, Danielson is a four-time world champion...

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Event: WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs (TLC) Pay-Per-View

Airdate: Sunday, December 16th, 2012 (Pay-Per-View)

Location: The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY


WWE TLC Opener:

The show opens with Lillian Garcia in the ring. Before the PPV, they toll the bell 26 times in remembrance of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims...

- A video package is shown highlighting the Tables, Ladders and Chairs theme of the PPV. Various footage of superstars crashing through the aforementioned weapons is shown, before focus is shifted to the main feuds heading into tonights show.

- The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. As always, the set is one of the more impressive of the year with tons of ladders everywhere decorating the entranceway. The opening bell rings, and the first match will be the #1 Contenders Tables match to determine the #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Championship. Rey Mysterio is out to the ring first to a big pop from the crowd.

#1 Contender’s (WWE Tag Team Championship)

Tables Match

- Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Team Rhodes Scholars is out next, and they get a bigger pop from the crowd than Cara. Sandow has a mic and he asks of all the loathsome ignoramuses across the country, is there any form of life lower than the Brooklyn hipster. The crowd is literally the unwashed masses. Rhodes says they aren't pseudo intellectuals that spend time primping ridiculous facial hair. Sandow says everyone is like their opponents, trying to be cool and failing miserably. Tonight they'll give everyone something to talk about, becoming the #1 Contenders to the tag team championship.

The bell rings and Cara and Rhodes and Sandow and Mysterio pair off. The faces get the upper hand with some kicks before Cara tosses Mysterio into Rhodes for a hurricanrana. Cara and Mysterio team up on Sandow, tossing him to the outside and hitting stereo baseball slides. Mysterio and Cara look under the ring and grab a table, and there's tons of ladders under there. Rhodes and Cara bring the table back into the ring and hit Rhodes with it before hitting Sandow with a double low dropkick.

Cara and Mysterio set up the table. Mysterio sets Sandow on the table and Cara heads to the top but Rhodes breaks things up. Rhodes tosses Mysterio out to the floor while Sandow kicks away at Cara in the corner. Rhodes heads to the outside to toss Mysterio into the apron while Sandow tosses Cara into the turnbuckle. Rhodes heads in and stomps away at Cara. Rhodes and Sandow try for a double suplex, but Cara lands on his feet and sends Sandow to the outside. Cara hits Rhodes with an amazing arm drag, but Rhodes plants Cara face first in the corner before hitting the beautiful disaster kick. On the outside Sandow slams Mysterio face first into the ring post.

Back in the ring Sando and Rhodes team up on Cara, tossing him to the outside. They both heads out and Sandow punches Mysterio before slamming him into the barricade. Rhodes traps Cara's leg in the ring steps, and he and Sandow drive a table into the ring steps, crushing Cara's leg between the steps and the ring post. Sandow throws Mysterio into the barricade hard again. Rhodes and Sandow set up two tables side by side on the outside.

Sandow sets Mysterio on one of the tables and Rhodes sets Cara on the outside. Sandow and Rhodes head into the ring. Mysterio pulls Sandow's legs out and hits Rhodes with a seated senton. Mysterio hits an arm drag on Sandow and sends Cody to the outside with a hurricanrana. Mysterio heads to the apron and hits another seated senton to the outside on Rhodes. In the ring Cara hits Sandow with a hurricanrana that sends him to the outside, then he dives over the top to wipe out Sandow. Back in the ring Mysterio kicks Rhodes hard, but almost ends up in the Alabama slam. Mysterio fights out and is able to connect with the 619. Mysterio places Rhodes on a table and he heads to the top but Sandow stop him.

Sandow and Rhodes pick up the table and drive it into Mysterio's face, sending him crashing to the outside. Cara comes in and hits an enzugiri on Sandow before backdropping Rhodes to the apron and hitting another enzugiri. Sandow backdrops Cara to the apron, and Cara hits Sandow with another enzugiri. Rhodes pushes Cara to the outside through the tables set up earlier and this one is over.

Winners and NEW #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles: Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow ...