Monday, January 16, 2017
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Tag: Big Van Vader

The Worst Wrestling Incidents & Injuries: Vol. 5 (Fin.)

Sabu Cuts His Arm Deep, Tapes It Up, And Carries On.The third entry of Sabu getting injured .. and this time it's not his...

Monster Gimmicks and Why They Have Run Their Course

Oh the monster heel gimmick and how beloved it once was. At one point monster heels were the hottest heels you could have and...

Backstage Fight Stories: Vader vs. Paul Orndorff

In the past, I've shared a number of legendary backstage fight stories from the world of pro wrestling. More often than not the fights...

Big Van Vader

Birthdate: 05/14/1955
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 450 Ib

White is best known for his time with World Championship Wrestling (WCW), the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), and All Japan ...