Monday, January 16, 2017
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Tag: Injury

Michael Elgin Will Need Surgery For His Facial Fracture

Michael Elgin suffered a fracture in his face during his match at Monday’s NJPW King of Pro Wrestling. He posted an update on Youtube...

Breaking News! Twitter War Between Nash/Waltman and Piper!!!

The Following was posted via Twitter between Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman this morning. It seems Roddy Piper has been spreading rumors and they...

Gregory Helms, Possible Retirement??

Gregory Helms was just injured during a match at Gibonsville, NC. He was talking possible retirement on Twitter following his incident and is now...

Arn Anderson

Birthdate: 09/20/1958
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 255 Ib

His career has been highlighted by his alliances with Ric Flair and various members of the wrestling stable, The Four Horsemen, in the NWA/WCW. ...